Hey there!
My name is Jenny Nuccio. Call me Jen.

Most days you can find me laughing with my kiddos, wondering the streets of Old Town Mombasa or simply enjoying a great cup of Kenyan coffee. I am mostly known for starting Imani Collective and people often refer to me as an overachiever, which I have learned to embrace over the years.

I hold a bachelor’s degree in Leadership Development and a master’s degree in Leadership Education and Communications, I have a well-rounded background in both academic research and practical application for implementing long-term solutions to the global challenge of disenfranchised women and children in developing regions. Having lived as an integral part of my Kenyan community since 2013, I am committed to the collaborative advancement of equitable opportunity for my friends I work with every day, as well as for marginalized populations world-wide.

I am currently completing my Doctorate of Education with my research focused on Social Sustainability among social enterprises in sub-saharan Africa. Through my research and on the field experience, I spend many days educating on cross-cultural and adaptable leadership, change agents, global sustainability as well as ethical practices.

I love serving the world by spreading love, hope and inspiration through all realms of life.

The things that I am most passionate about is seeing genuine change within someones life, caring for my beautiful family, loving my neighbors like Christ & traveling the world.

I inspire those who are yearning to hear the real, raw truth of life that surrounds us &
I serve people who have a desire to grow, learn and see change in their world.

When I am not daydreaming about the future of Imani Collective, you can catch me soaking up the truth with Jesus, spending time on my mat (mainly in the corpse pose), chasing my kiddos around or sneaking in a quick nap with the hubs.