Potty Training

A couple of weeks ago, I finally took the leap, gritted my teeth and potty trained my little boy. The week was encompassed with chasing my boy around the house and if I saw one squat begin to happen, picking him up and running him to the toilet! I seriously do not think I have ever said poop so many times in my life. To be honest, there are parts of me that cringed when I thought of the moment I would have to start potty training and in fact, I put it off as long as I could.

BUT. Here we are, we did it! And I have to say, I am pretty proud of my little boy and myself. It took an extreme amount of patience, and the capacity to be fully present for my boy.

I found that in the midst of the poop and pee conversations, the Lord taught me something big here.

Presence. Patience. Willingness to Change.

Presence. I will only speak for myself here, but presence can be a struggle for me many days. I tend to be dreaming, visioning, thinking of what I am going to cook, my to do list or maybe even answering a few emails on my phone, but this past week I spent an extra amount of time being intentional for my boy. I pushed the busy thoughts away, turned my phone off and colored for hours. I played games with cotton balls and pretended to be a dinosaur or a ninja. I was 100% mom and my boy was 100% happy.

Patience. If and when you have to potty train a kid, then you will understand this completely. You learn a new level of patience when having to sing songs or read books while your boy sits on the toilet scared to go poop. There were many deep breath moments during this week and a big growth in patience and understanding.

Willingness to Change. This I learned from my boy. Think about it. He was learning something brand new and he was a rockstar! At first, he was a bit apprehensive, but was comforted with me by his side and found faith in everything I said to him. This reminded me exactly of my relationship with Christ. My willingness to change is a direct reflection on faith and trust in the Lord. It displays my intimate relationship and is an eye opener to me if I have been close or distant with God. The closer I am to my Father, the more willing I am to jump immediately after he says it. If there is hesitation, then I need to check my priorities.

Who knew that potty training could teach so many powerful lessons!

In the end, my boy is wearing big boy undies, I am changing less diapers and I am daily learning to be present, patient, and willing to change.

Yours truly,
Happy mama who made it through potty training week

And then tomorrow came.

And then tomorrow came.

This is not an apology, but more of an acknowledgement that I know I did not shine the brightest light yesterday.

I talked to my husband this morning about the feelings I was going through. I laid in bed and cried a bit and then picked myself up and made some coffee to bring my senses to some happy place. I feel like I have been attacked this week. BIG TIME. I have been attacked spiritually, attacked passively, and attacked verbally. It has come from strangers, friends, and from every angle you could imagine.

Have you been there?

Do you know what I am talking about?

Where you think you have it all together and then BOOOOOOM. Hits you like a ton of bricks and you do not know how to handle it all. I kept things bottled and then you all got to see that bottle bubble over a bit yesterday.

I am not apologizing because those are really my true feelings, but I do want all of you to know that it was not handled with as much grace or poise as it could have been, so for that I am greatly sorry.

Today is a new day and for that, I am thankful.

Your truly,
the brighter light from yesterday