The Facade of Balance

The Facade of Balance

There is beautiful word that many of us talk about and it is balance. Most of us wake up and ask ourselves how do we get some of that? I believe our lives ebb and flow. All the time. We have some seasons that seem balanced more than others and some where we barely remember our name because there is just so many things grabbing our attention and time.

So, I am here today to answer that question for you. I feel like I get asked quite often:

“How do you balance it all? How do you balance your work, motherhood and even have time to write this blog?” Most of the time I find myself accompanying a grin with laughter because I do not have that exact answer, but what I do know is that in each season that I have been in, I have learned to give an immense amount of grace to myself.

Our society puts pressure on us for what we should be or what we should do. What I do every day may seem overwhelming for you and in fact, you might not have the capability or capacity to do all that I do and vice versa. I often take a glimpse into many of your lives and stand in awe at the strength it takes for you to daily get through your day or even get through a current situation you might be in.

We seem to get stuck in this comparison game. We think that we all fit the same mold when in reality, we are all defined differently. We have to learn what our personal definition is and own it.

Once we can confidently define who we are then we can create balance because the facade of balance is seen briefly in the “routine” we might set, but balance truly starts from within. Where is your head space? Where is your heart? What is your why? Start to look within your soul and have a date with yourself. Figure out what you are craving and fill it.

Remember, you create the outcomes of your reality. You have control of that and it is only you who can make those significant changes.

I would not say that I am anywhere close to what society defines as balanced and many of my days look very different. When you spend the majority of your life juggling a family, a growing global business and being on the road, life can seem chaotic, but what I have found is that I can manage the present chaos by creating a mental order to it. When I am centered and right with myself, my soul and my why, I feel like I can do anything. I am confident, I am strong and I am focused on my passion pursuit. My priorities align and in the end, my life comes off as “balanced”

This past year, I have spent a lot of time focusing on myself a bit. I learned how to define my why. I learned what I need daily to make sure my heart is in the right place and I learned to love myself deeper. I keep somewhat of a balance because I have found the little things that make my soul revived, rejuvenated and present for the ones around me.

My advice. Get to know yourself a little bit better and you will begin to organically walk into alignment with your soul, overall creating balance.

keynote • workshops • about me

keynote • workshops • about me

I am here and I have a story to be told. I aspire to teach entrepreneurs to fiercely follow their dreams and to not be afraid to let their dreams be WILD.


  • Chasing your dreams in the midst of Adversity
  • Becoming an Adaptable Leader | 360° perspective + Balancing family priorities and Entrepreneurship
  • Creating change agents of the world.

JN Workshop Sessions


Jenny Nuccio is the Founder and President of Imani Collective—a non-profit woman-empowerment program focused on defeating generational poverty through education and employment opportunities in Mombasa, Kenya and surrounding communities. The collective facilitates change by underscoring the innate value of each woman while encouraging her to learn, create, and grow to her fullest potential as an artisan. With a bachelor’s degree in Leadership Development and a master’s degree in Leadership Education and Communications, Jenny has a well-rounded background in both academic research and practical application for implementing long-term solutions to the global challenge of disenfranchised women and children in developing regions. Having lived as an integral part of her Kenyan community since 2013, she is committed to the collaborative advancement of equitable opportunity for the friends she works with every day, as well as for marginalized populations world-wide.

Jenny is currently completing her Doctorate of Education in Leadership Education and Communications with an emphasis on Adaptable Leadership in international contexts. She also is a lifestyle blogger and motivational speaker.


20% of all speaking engagements go to Imani Collective Holistic Programs and Bara Bara Boys Education Fees.

Imani Collective

Founded in 2013, Imani Collective is a global social profit organization with a vision to see individuals and families rise above poverty and become empowered change agents. “Together, we provide opportunities that equip women to unleash their greatness through empowerment + opportunity + community.” Their programs serve the whole person. They recognize and celebrate the inherent, God-given potential in everyone, no matter what their circumstances. The amazing Imani artisans and employees are a daily inspiration as they overcome the odds that are stacked against them to rise above poverty. Empowered and equipped, they bravely and boldly lead their families to do the same, resulting in long-term generational and community impact. Imani Collective has witnessed how providing training and opportunity in the context of an authentic and loving community unleashes people’s greatness.

Bara Bara Boys (B3)

Bara Bara Boys (B3) is a program founded by Sean Nuccio in 2011. The effort of B3 is focused on a group of 30 – 35 boys in Mombasa, Kenya. The goal is to assist these boys off the streets and put them in a family environment where they can be restored through love and rehabilitation. B3 assists in drug and alcohol counseling and puts an immense amount of effort into finding opportunities for the boys to pursue an education or find adequate training for future steady employment. Besides just attending to the physical needs, B3 disciples and mentors daily through bible studies, fellowship nights and soccer.