For this month of August, we are reviewing some great podcasts that we would love for you to listen in and be encouraged by. Jeanette Tapley has played a vital role in the building of The Moxie Podcast and uses a similar platform to speak words of encouragement and inspiration to others through her show.

 It’s Time For Coffee is a podcast that meets you right where you are at. We believe that conversations with others can help you feel heard, loved, valued and never alone, no matter the season of life you find yourself in. Join our friend Jeanette as she sits down for coffee with friends to hear about what God is doing in and through their lives! Who doesn’t love a coffee date with friends?! 

It’s Time For Change // Kristin Jenson // Protect Young Minds

Join your friend Jeanette as she sits down with author Kristin Jenson of Good Picture Bad Picture as they discuss porn proofing our kids. This is such an important conversation and I am SO thankful for Kristen and all her hard work in giving us tools and ways to help our families! These conversations don’t have to be big and scary or something to avoid, Kristen has made sure of that! SO…listen in you are going to be so encouraged by today’s conversation.


It’s Time For Change // Jeanette Tapley // A Time For Everything

Listen in as your friend Jeanette breaks down what she learned during this last season of It’s Time For Change. Find out what’s changing in her life, work and world and as she shares her heart for seasons changing!

We encourage you to get your cup of coffee, plug in your earphones and sip in the beauty of these stories.

Ep. 50 | Jenny Nuccio – Being Intentional in Embracing Who You Are

This has been an amazing journey of building each other through sharing our exceptional stories and encouraging each other to pull our moxie out of our back pockets. As we wrap up on this season, we are leaving you with encouraging words and tips from our host, Jenny Nuccio, that will give us the direction we need in building our authentic selves.

In this episode, Jenny talks about who she is and answers a question frequently asked on how she does what she does. Be encouraged friends to be intentional in embracing who you are.

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Jenny Nuccio on The Ryan Callahan Show
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One last thing to live by:
Just do you