Are you a business owner with a desire to make an impact? Have you been trying to do it on your own, or maybe you just need a little extra support? Whether you are just starting the journey, have been in business for a long time, or feel like you are fumbling your way through growing a business and need a little guidance, I am here for you!

This 6 month experience is designed to fit exactly what you need. It is a time to help you get unstuck and motivate you to step out to your fullest potential. I have been in your shoes and know firsthand how isolating this journey may be.

My heartbeat is to connect with and empower you, to let you know that you are fully capable of becoming who you want to be, and to provide you with the support and guidance I want you to be successful and have as much impact as possible. In order to do that, I share everything I have learned through founding and building Imani Collective and its eight sub-brands. There are no secrets in my book - I want you to feel connected on your journey and know that you are not alone. 

Are you ready to reignite your spark and start moving mountains?

1:1 Strategic Coaching

1:1 Strategic coaching

Let's rediscover your secret sauce and change your mindset so you can make the impact you were created to make.

YOU were made to thrive.

Includes 30 Minute Onboarding
+ Six 1-Hour Sessions
(option for monthly meetings or bundled as an intensive)

This tailored program is designed for accountability + connection.  
  • Feel empowered to lead with confidence
  • Receive guidance on how to plan and execute big moves strategically
  • Develop systems for success to last long after the mentorship


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Let it be Wild 

Born from a wild dream that founder Jenny Nuccio was not afraid to make into a reality, Imani Collective is a community of dreamers + shakers unafraid to ask, “Why not?”