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My desire is for women to come together, be empowered by one another and come alive in who they are.


I want you to not only become yourself again but to realize that YOU are fully capable. You have all of your talents inside of you. Let's rediscover your secret sauce and change your mindset so you can make the impact you were created to make. 


1:1 Strategic Coaching 


Here is how I can help

This 6 month experience is designed to fit exactly what you need. It is a time to help you get unstuck and motivate you to step out to your fullest potential. 

This 8-week mentorship program is a space for collaboration, encouragement, inspiration and, of course, mentorship.  Whether you’re a freelancer, a small business owner, a working mama or a leader in global impact, there is a mentorship track curated specifically for you.


Wild Soul Collective


Connection Call

My hope for this connection call is to get to know you, your goals and create clarity for what your next steps could be. I am so excited to connect soon!

you're in the right place

It doesn't have to be this way. Let's reignite your spark and start moving mountains.


You feel alone in your journey as a businesswoman.

You feel disconnected from yourself and your purpose.

You are trying to hold onto perfection.

You are fumbling your way through growing your business.

There is nothing more beautiful than your authentic truth.

be you.

Not sure which step to take next?

Your feet have landed, you're excited about where you are but you might not be sure where to go next. This is where I come in! Let's hop on a call to get clarity on what's next for you!

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"I felt so alone, stumbling along as I built this business."

I started Imani Collective at age 21 and developed organically over many years, asking questions as we walked through the doors. I didn't have a strategy and felt so alone, stumbling along as I built this business. I started realizing that there are so many women like me out there that are running social enterprises that feel very alone because no one shares their trade secrets. My desire is to share everything and create a collaborative community.


Mom, wife, coach, mentor, founder, CEO, your best friend and biggest fan.

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