At first it was not really a choice. I knew that my first child would be delivered in Kenya and I knew that the choice for a epidural was non existent. I prepared myself mentally for this before I even knew I was pregnant with Jadon. As I went through my 9 months of blissful pregnancy, I knew the day was quickly approaching where I would have to endure the inevitable… the baby that was growing inside me had only one way out and I was pretty nervous about it all. I could use other words to express my feelings, but I will keep it PG.

Jadon was late, I was induced and my labor was short, but it was intense. It is by far the worst pain I have ever endured in my life. The four and a half hours felt like they were never going to end and I remember in so many moments thinking, I am not strong enough.

Child birth is no joke.

As I reflect back on that moment that was almost two years ago and prepare for my second to enter the world in about 5 months, I wonder what my choices would have been if I were in the states.

Would I have decided to go natural?
Would I have used a birth center, midwife or hospital?
Would I have been overwhelmed by the choices around me that I would have let others choose for me?

To be honest, I am not exactly sure what I would have done. I believe the western world can complicate the simple and convolute our minds with “what is best”, etc.

All I knew is that I was pregnant. My home was in a third world and no matter what I was giving birth to my child. Period. There were not many choices in the matter. It would be natural just as billions of other mothers before me in history. I endured the truth, prepared my mind and instead of getting overwhelmed with the choices of cribs, changing tables, room decorations (because none of that exists here), I just anticipated my little boy to be in my arms.

Would I go back and change it if I could or had the choice?
Absolutely not. It was hard, but any good thing in life does not come easy.

I am excited for our growing family and beyond blessed to welcome our BABY GIRL naturally into this world.

Let our Little Adventure Continue.

Let our Little Adventure Continue.

One of my favorite days of the week is Monday because I love the start of a new week! I get to set new goals, engage in new conversations, build on the beautiful relationships that surround me and do it all with a refreshed spirit. I also love Monday because I get to share all about being a mama on Motherhood Monday! It is truly a delight to share fun stories, give practical advice and just talk about my sweet little boy, Jadon.

As you probably have noticed, I have been a little absent these past weeks and I am here to explain WHY.

First, it has been a hard month. I will be completely honest and say it has been one of the hardest months in my life just with “life” being thrown at me in every direction. On the other hand, I have been extremely tired with my workload, as well as the heat of Mombasa has been completely draining. I also have been exhausted because have a beautiful life growing inside of me!

YES YES YES. The Nuccios are pregnant again! and we are so excited to have another little joining our beautiful adventure.

I have been anxiously waiting for this day. I wanted to spill the beans right away, but was patient with sharing the news with each one of you and am beyond excited for you to walk in this journey with me for baby #2.

With all that to say, I ask for a little bit of grace if I slip on a blog here or there because to be honest, I am probably taking a nap. A much-needed nap.

Happy Motherhood Monday! Let the crazy, messy and beautiful adventure continue.