Motherhood in the midst of Global Chaos

These last couple of weeks have been hard to explain and I bet many of you are in the same boat. For us, living in Kenya, we now just have been hit with government regulations of schools being shut down, no public gatherings, and many events being cancelled. I have been watching all of this unfold from afar and felt like I was living in an alternate universe as we were still going through our normal day to day. All I was seeing was updates and concerns about COVID-19, but nothing was happening here, and no cases were reported.

We now have cases In Kenya and all over Africa. We have officially joined the curve of this global epidemic. This has been an interesting challenge in not just the business world for Imani Collective and navigating our workshop safety precautions and overall loss of sales due to events cancelling, but also juggling the day to day life as a mother.

I know there are many of you – all over the world, who have been required to work from home, so now you not only work full time, but are navigating kids running around you full time as well. MAN, I FEEL YOU. THIS IS HARD.

This throws off routine, mental sanity and overall focus. I feel that in the past 48 hours I have gotten extremely behind on everything because I have consumed my mind, feeds, and conversations around the COVID-19 epidemic.

So, how do we live in normality when our whole world is consumed with the reality of the highly contagious spread of COVID-19? AND more importantly, how can we still be present mothers (/parents) in the midst of all of this?

WELP. I do not have a clear answer to this, but I what I do know is we need to be extremely adaptable, flexible and in the interim create new routines. Here is my simple advice to you:

1. Take deep breaths and know this time will pass. AND together we will get through this.

2. Prepare as much as you can, but please do not panic. We got this and will get through it, together. Promise.

3. Start a new routine. Completely throw away what you knew as normal and create a new normal for the time being. This will be less frustrating then getting frustrated with what has been taken away from you.

4. Embrace the extra moments with your kids. These next couple of weeks will be challenging and as mothers, more exhausting – but let us embrace the little moments we have with our kids. Be creative with being stuck inside and become a kid again (remember, it is okay to have fun even in the midst of all of this.)

5. Let us use our imaginations, bake some more, color some more, binge on too many tv shows we have always wanted to watch, and snuggle with our littles. Since we are social distancing – get all the hugs and love from our little ones.

Overall, be you and know it is okay to talk about other things beside COVID-19. My friend Amanda started the movement #keepsocialmediasocial, so let us do that together. In the midst of our distancing with one another, let us come together and grow with one another.

Together – we got this.

Sending my love to all my overstimulated and overworked mamas. Know, I feel you.


My Inspiration behind Motherhood Monday

The best part about Monday is I get to share with you about being a mother. When I first decided to start blogging about motherhood, I had developed this platform to share practical tips and tricks that I was learning with my first baby. I wanted the world to know what I found to be useful and how I was being an “efficient mama”. I guess that is totally the enneagram 8 in me. Let us fast forward to now, as I am sitting here today 28 weeks pregnant with my third child, this blog is so much more than the “daily tips”, it is a way for me to let you have a front row seat into my life and create vulnerability. It is a place I can be real and say, ‘HEY-O, I am human, I make mistakes, but you better know I love my kids with all my heart.’

I want to show up for you mamas and be an encouragement to you, your biggest fan and remind you to take one day at a time. More importantly, I want to inspire you to keep loving your kiddos deeply because to them you are everything.

So, what is my inspiration behind this blog?


When I sit behind my computer thinking about what I want to share with you next, I think about the new mama who finally dolled herself up for the first time in months, just to be spit up all over by her sweet babe smiling up at her.

I think about the mother of four who is running from a soccer game to a choir concert and just trying her best to remember to take the laundry out of the washer, so she doesn’t have to run the same load for the third time in a row.

I think of the mother who is also the teacher and juggles the everyday lessons, crafts, activities and endless moments of “mama I need you”, while just craving for a couple of minutes where she can slip into the bathroom (or pantry) for some “me time”

I think of the mother who stays up late and wakes up early to finish work, so she can be fully present for her kids building blocks and coloring.

I think of you.
And trust me, I see you mamas and you inspire me.
You inspire me to be better and you remind me that although there are many days we feel alone, we are not – we are in this together.

Stay encouraged today and know you are awesome.

From one tired mama to another – I see you,