Entrepreneurs, Let us Share the Journey Together

As I write this, I am sitting in Musanze, Rwanda in the middle of 100 women carding wool, dying wool, spinning wool, knitting wool and laughing with pure joy. I love that I get to be a part of other people’s stories and see the beautiful work that is happening all over the world.


Entrepreneurship is a journey and my favorite part of this long, enduring journey is being able to sit with another fellow entrepreneur who understands not only the joys of certain accomplishments, but also the hardships that it took to potentially get to that point of time. The road is not easy and it never will be especially when you are following your passion project and fighting the good fight.

The good fight though, is worth every tear, heartache and sleepless night.

When moments get hard, I close my eyes and remember what once was and I meditate and vision on what will be. I do not let the world take away my joy and I encourage you to not let that happen to you either. The world is rough and likes to knock you down, so here are my tips for you when you have one of those days that you are not sure where the strength will come from to just keep on going. Here is to you, picking yourself up and taking that first step forward to keep going.

1. Take time away from the problem
Whatever the problem is, take yourself out of it. Most of the time our problem is encompassed with cash flow hindrance, staff problems or feeling the weight of not knowing what’s next. Wherever you are and whatever is consuming your mind – take yourself out of it. This will be hard, but give yourself time to not think about any of it. I do not have a clear picture of how to do this because your mind will want to bring you back to the root of the problem, but try your best. As Jennie Allen says, “the biggest battlefield is between our ears.” Let us learn together how to step out of that and get out of our heads.

2. Breathe and reflect on how far you have come
Wherever you may be, you came from somewhere. Know that and be proud of that. Celebrate in your accomplishments and reflect on the humble beginnings. Even look in the mirror and say it aloud, “I am so proud of you.” Stop forgetting where you began and embrace the moments that have shaped you to be you.

3. Meditate and vision for the future
Even in the midst of hardship, do not stop dreaming. Pull yourself out of the negative head space and meditate on where you see yourself going. Let your passion drive your visions and do not let the world steal away your joy, vision, creativity and innovation. As soon as we get overwhelmed with stress or start to question with “what if’s”, we forget to problem solve or be critical thinkers. Please do not forget to dream even in the midst of adversity. You got this friend.

4. When you are ready, bring people you trust in your circle and share with them your realities.
This one is a little bit harder because this takes vulnerability and an immense amount of trust to let people in, but stop pretending. Know that it is okay to not have it all together. It is completely okay to still be in process. Start to share with people you trust your burdens and let them walk alongside you. These people will be your tribe to encourage you, challenge you and help you stand up, rise and take that next step.

5. Pray + Be still.
AND most importantly. Pray and be still. However that may look to you, know you are loved and made perfectly in His image. Pray, be still and let him continue to transform you from the inside out.

From your in-process entrepreneur who is sharing in your journey – I am here for you,

4 Mistakes to Avoid as an Entrepreneur

Being an “entrepreneur” is an exciting journey, but also one of the hardest. As we enter this journey for the first time or are seasoned veterans – I find there are a couple of mistakes we always tend to make. Here are some 4 that I have identified in my journey and hope I can save you from some of the lost time, contemplation and pain points.

1. Being afraid to fail
I find that this is one of the biggest mistakes of any entrepreneur is being too timid in the journey. This is a hard road and you have to be willing to take some risks to make any progress. This might mean you fail in the process, but the experience and learning that takes place in those moments are precious. They become a part of your story, your DNA and make you, you. Do not be afraid to fail. Dream big and decide where you want to leap.

2. Underestimating the journey ahead of you
I believe coming into this journey we believe that “instant success” should be granted to us. We see the potential and do not understand why others around us are not moving as quickly as we are. Along with the success not coming as easy as we intended, we also underestimated the journey as a whole. The entrepreneurial life is not the easy road to walk down and most of us that step into this path, I believe, underestimate the journey that we had ahead of us. If that is you, keep persevering, but now, adjust your expectations and be ready for what is still coming ahead of you.

3. Trying to do it alone
This one gets me every time. We are all independent and keep to ourselves and push through when it gets hard, but forget to call on anyone to help us in our moment of need. This is a community and we need to start becoming more of one. Reach out! Do not try to do this alone. If you are just starting – seek a mentor, especially someone who is a couple of years ahead of you and can walk you through some pain points. You can still be strong and courageous in your journey, but know it does not make you any better to try to do it by yourself. Find your tribe. Together, we are only better.

 4. Going after the money instead of the freedom
Truth. Do not do this. If you started this journey because you just were looking at the dollar signs then you are in the wrong space. This journey is about passion pursuit. As an entrepreneur – you are going to be spending a lot of time living, breathing, sleeping, dreaming about this idea and company you are working on. If you do not love what you are working on and talking about every day then this is a big problem. The money mind will not get you through the hard moments – the passion mind will. You need to have a rooted why in your story and why you began. Then once you have that, you can push through the hard and find the freedom at the end of the tunnel you are striving for.

Keep up the amazing work out there, entrepreneurs and keep your head high. Know you are not in this alone – we got each other and more importantly, find that passion pursuit that gets you excited in the morning. That is truly what being an entrepreneur is about. Doing what you love and loving what you do.

From one entrepreneur to another – shine bright today and seek joy,