Ep. 07 | Sania Shapi – Teaching others how to understand their identity and leave an unforgettable legacy

Sania Shapi is Nairobi and Mombasa raised, has a degree in management and marketing and is an entrepreneur. She founded Thoughts Uncovered with the intention of people joining her on her path of self growth in various aspects of her  life. Her hope with beginning the youtube channel was for people to come together and reach their fullest potential.

Over the years, she has taken a keen interest in psychology as a hobby and loves understanding how people think.  Due to an interesting life experience, it has led her to wanting to really grow and understand herself, as well as other people better.

In this episode, Jenny and Sania talk about finding your identity even when others might tell you different, talking about loss and how to stand strong in the process, but ultimately the legacy we are ultimately wanting to leave. The conversation was filled with honesty, vulnerability and compassion. This episode will remind you that life is precious and leave you wanting to slow down, take in the moments and give the world around you the best version of yourself.

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One last thing to live by:
Find yourselves for your own benefit. The more you understand yourself the more you understand others.