Potty Training

A couple of weeks ago, I finally took the leap, gritted my teeth and potty trained my little boy. The week was encompassed with chasing my boy around the house and if I saw one squat begin to happen, picking him up and running him to the toilet! I seriously do not think I have ever said poop so many times in my life. To be honest, there are parts of me that cringed when I thought of the moment I would have to start potty training and in fact, I put it off as long as I could.

BUT. Here we are, we did it! And I have to say, I am pretty proud of my little boy and myself. It took an extreme amount of patience, and the capacity to be fully present for my boy.

I found that in the midst of the poop and pee conversations, the Lord taught me something big here.

Presence. Patience. Willingness to Change.

Presence. I will only speak for myself here, but presence can be a struggle for me many days. I tend to be dreaming, visioning, thinking of what I am going to cook, my to do list or maybe even answering a few emails on my phone, but this past week I spent an extra amount of time being intentional for my boy. I pushed the busy thoughts away, turned my phone off and colored for hours. I played games with cotton balls and pretended to be a dinosaur or a ninja. I was 100% mom and my boy was 100% happy.

Patience. If and when you have to potty train a kid, then you will understand this completely. You learn a new level of patience when having to sing songs or read books while your boy sits on the toilet scared to go poop. There were many deep breath moments during this week and a big growth in patience and understanding.

Willingness to Change. This I learned from my boy. Think about it. He was learning something brand new and he was a rockstar! At first, he was a bit apprehensive, but was comforted with me by his side and found faith in everything I said to him. This reminded me exactly of my relationship with Christ. My willingness to change is a direct reflection on faith and trust in the Lord. It displays my intimate relationship and is an eye opener to me if I have been close or distant with God. The closer I am to my Father, the more willing I am to jump immediately after he says it. If there is hesitation, then I need to check my priorities.

Who knew that potty training could teach so many powerful lessons!

In the end, my boy is wearing big boy undies, I am changing less diapers and I am daily learning to be present, patient, and willing to change.

Yours truly,
Happy mama who made it through potty training week

The imperfect writer blog.

I have found that I love to tell stories.

In fact, little secret. I hope to write you a book one day.

I am not sure about what exactly, maybe I will share with you my diaries from when I was eight, but what I do know, is that it will be something that not only inspires you, but challenges you, stretches you and allows you to shine light on things differently.

So, until that day comes. Here I am, blogging away, so that I can connect to you and share with you my life in written form.

I am excited because today is Thursday and Thursdays for me are a time to rest as much as I can. If you know me then you know resting is hard and my mind is always going a million miles an hour, so that is why I write. It is something that I do not see as stressful nor do I care if my form or grammar are perfect.

Welcome to the imperfect writer blog, where you basically get ME, always. There is not much proof reading or edits, just me taking my thoughts and writing to you because I. JUST. LOVE IT. It is basically like we are having coffee, which that reminds me: I would LOVE to have coffee with you whether in person or virtually. Please do not be afraid to reach out to me!

Today, I wanted to spend time reintroducing myself. In short, my name is Jenny. Many people know me as being the Founder of Imani Collective, but I wear many hats. I am a wife, mother of two beautiful kids and I reside with my family in Mombasa, Kenya. I also am a motivational and educational speaker, when time and the opportunity allows for me to do that.

I am currently in process with launching another business (more will come in April!) and am finishing my Doctorate of Education focusing on change agents and international sustainable development.

<deep breathe break> breathe in and breathe out. Ok we can continue.

AND today is the big day for my newest project: Moxie Podcast.

I can’t believe it, but I am the host of this beautiful podcast! After researching mics and sound reverb and watching a million videos, I have a tiny little studio in my backyard in Mombasa. I call it a shack, but it has a cute bohemian vibe when you walk in and is perfect for having beautiful conversations with people I love here in Mombasa.

Moxie Podcast is all about sharing courageous stories from ordinary people, just like you and me. I hope that you will join me each week as I get to talk to some amazing and wonderful people (mainly in Kenya), but also around the world.

Today is a good day. My only problem is that I really want to celebrate with balloons (but helium balloons seem non existent in Mombasa, Kenya) As Marie Kondo says, Choose something that sparks joy. Being a host sparks joy! And so do balloons.

Thanks for being on this journey with me and let us continue to shine bright together,

Signing off now with hopes that I can find one helium balloon in Mombasa,