Episode 60 | Praise Santos – Creating Beauty While Building People Up.

Praise Santos is the founder behind the photography studio ComePlum and has a love for puns, pretty things, and people. She lives in San Francisco where she does silly dances to loosen up female entrepreneurs during their Personal Brand photoshoot, builds her Google map locations of colors around the city to create eye-catching content for brands such as Lululemon and Adidas, and leads workshops for organizations such as the Golden State Warriors and BEI Hotel. Her photos have been featured in Vogue, Forbes, and the San Francisco Chronicle. 

Praise encourages creatives to use their skills for positive impact. Her project Ethical Weddings won a 20 On The Rise award by the 60,000+ member Rising Tide Society. 

When she’s not photographing, teaching, or playing with her pup Bubs, she tries to play Chance the Rapper songs on her ukulele. 

In this episode, Jenny and Praise talk about setting boundaries and standing strong by them to find a balance in following our passion and building sustainable personal brands.

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One last thing to live by:
Lead with empathy; Understand where people are and try not to ‘fix’ them

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