The Beauty of Three

It has now been three months since I had my third baby. I have officially joined the mama of three club and now that I have crossed over, all I can say is wow. Having three babies is a whole new ballgame especially three babies that are so close to one another. Jadon is 4, Sophie is 2 and sweet Selah is 3 months.

This blog post has no official direction or three tips to get through the day, but what it does have is empathy. For all of you mothers and fathers out there with any children, I feel you. I see you. I hear you and I want to remind you that you were made for this.

When the days seem hard, know you are not alone and as I have said many times on this platform and to my closest friends, remember that you are enough. Also, remember you are not alone. This third baby has been a joy, but I will not sugarcoat it and tell you it has been easy because it has not. After Selah, postpartum hit me a bit harder than I expected. I never went through these emotions with my first two, but I immediately understood what was happening to me. It was if I was having an out of body experience. I would look down at me and question who she was. She was so sad, overwhelmed and lost… why was she feeling that way?

I still have those days. They are fewer than they once were, but they come and go.

I plan to post about postpartum another day and how I am handling the emotions and anxiety, but what I can tell you is diet and hydration have been greatly linked to my postpartum.

With that being said, being a mother of three is eventful, stressful, full of laughter, messes, overwhelming moments and beautiful ones all at the same time. There are highs and lows and in-betweens and at the end of the day (even on the bad days), I would not trade these moments for anything.

I am blessed to be a mother, messy and all.
I also am honored to be your friend, so again, know, you are not alone.
I am here for you if you ever need a shoulder to lean on.

Sending virtual hugs,
Messy mother of three

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