For this week’s highlight, we have 3 amazing stories from The Talking Story Podcast. The Talking Story Podcast is all about sharing stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things through their time, resources, and money. Hosts Bob and Kelsey Waliszewski, a father/daughter team travel the world (now virtually in COVID) seeking out stories that inspire; hoping to inspire YOU, that YOU have a reason to BE and the world needs YOU and your impact! 

Here are some of these great stories.

I’ll Push You: An Emotional 500 mile Trek, 2 lifelong friends, 1 wheelchair 

These guys took on an impossible challenge of trekking across a 500 mile mountain trail, one in a wheelchair. This episode inspires brotherly love and the need to ask for help. It also shows what God can do in small things, and using it to change lives, theirs and others.

Going From “I Can’t” to Photography That Changes Lives

Jeremy Cowart started with an “I Can’t” attitude, and with parental help began to change his narrative to “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength”. Forbes has said he is one of the best photographers in the world, but he stays humble. He has had so many failures, but he doesn’t let that stop him. He has used his photography to change lives and is now on the brink of a new endeavor, THE PURPOSE HOTEL, a hotel chain that will use products that empower and help vulnerable people groups.

5 Musts of Motherhood

These ladies talk about the joys and hardships of motherhood, and that ultimately being the best mom you can be, is the most amazing calling one can have. Being a mom captures the idea of using your time, resources, and money to make a difference in another’s life!

How incredibly beautiful are these stories! We hope that you are encouraged to be YOU and to keep making the positive impact that you are making.

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