Ep 46 | Jenny, Sam + Carly – Embracing New Life and Finding Joy in the Little Things

2020, so far, has been full of unprecedented events running from COVID-19 to restricted movement then social injustices and other grassroot problems that have not been displayed on any media platforms. Jenny comes together with her two friends, Carly and Sam in an amazing restaurant at the heart of Old Town, Mombasa, to talk about life as it is now. They discuss about what has kept them going in this season like doing things that bring a little normalcy and learning how to incorporate them in our already disrupted schedules, so that new routines can be created. Realizing that the season we are in is a different one will make us, or has already made us, create unique spaces for it. Since we do not have so much control over what is happening, creating this space and building a new routine that can be easily re-adjusted helps create that level of normalcy. Asking questions like what can we control in terms of our mental health, our eating habits and spiritual growth, then mastering our strong points in reference to these establishes a new us that we can familiarize with.

In this episode, the trio talk about showing up and getting involved in hard conversations and still living in happiness despite the difficulties. They also talk about building a new routine and being fully present. 

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One last thing to live by:
“This too shall pass” – Sam
“Listen and find grace.” – Carly

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