Ep. 35 | Amanda McLernon – Reminding Others to Prioritize Joy

Amanda McLernon is an entrepreneur obsessed with keeping social media social. As founder and owner of McLernon & Co, she helps companies develop and implement real, honest social media strategies that create genuine conversations, connections, and conversions.

From local sustainable clothing companies to national e-commerce companies, her Denver-based social media agency helps organizations quickly grow their reach and relationships utilizing strategic content strategies. Committed to spreading the gospel of #keepsocialmediasocial, Amanda and her team help business owners understand social media and teaches them to grow relationships and revenue by measuring success in a holistic, human way.

When she’s not growing reach and revenue for her clients, Amanda enjoys skiing, hanging out with her dachshund Pippa, or taking her commuter bike, Scrappy, for a spin. 

In this Episode, Jenny and Amanda talk about what it means to be vulnerable and show up for one another as well as what it takes to continue to vision and dream especially in a time like this. This episode is filled with reflection and learning how to take things slow in a world that is continuing to fill their life with busy. Learn from this conversation and be inspired to take time for you. Try something new today and be reassured that not every activity you do has to be monetized. Be a child again, be creative and take a couple of deep breaths. Amanda radiates authenticity throughout this entire episode and shares the importance of prioritizing joy in your life.

Amanda’s Top 5 Books to Read:

  1. Judgement Detox – Gabby Bernstein 
  2. The Universe Has Your Back – Gabby Bernstein
  3. The Untethered Soul – Michael A. Singer
  4. The Coddling of the American Mind – Jonathan Haidt and Greg Lukianoff 
  5. Essentialism – Greg McKeown 

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One thing to live by:
Remember to prioritize joy in your life.

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