Social Consumerism driving Community Development

As our society becomes more conscious on their purchases it is creating a ripple effect of change across the globe. This trend or new direction of purchasing may be driven by the desires of the consumer and making their livelihood more clean, organic or do good, but the reality of the purchase is so much more.

When someone engages in being intentional with their purchases especially within international social enterprises then the consumer has automatically transformed into a change maker. A purchase among social enterprises is life giving and it helps develop communities and further poverty alleviation for generations.

My challenge for you today is to think local, small, ethical, fair trade, natural, organic and social impact. Start to ask yourself the hard questions. Begin to look at the tags of your products and research the wages of the county your garment or accessory was made from. Challenge the status quo and swim against the tide.

I live and breathe in the ethical space, but if you are not inundated and this all seems new to you, my biggest hope is that you would learn and equip yourself to teach the community around you.

This is bigger than yourself and your purchases are not just offering fair and steady employment, but through many of the social enterprises’ holistic programs, these companies are creating life altering change.

Be a part of the movement.


Here are some of my favorite ethically conscious brands that I love and adore:

Imani Collective (duh!)
Handspun Hope
Sseko Designs
UNCVRD Jewelry
YOUME Clothing
Noonday Clothing
Tenfold Collective
Abeba Collective
Elizabeth’s Voice
Known Supply
Flourish Market
Dreamer & Co.
Jimani Collections
Béljoy Jewelry
Purpose Jewelry
The Giving Keys

From one social consumer to another – let us be change makers,

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