Slowing Down + Nesting

This last week I was on 9 different planes, in too many vehicles to count and in a variety of beds. I traveled to Lodwar, Kenya in the region of Turkana to assess a project we will be starting with Imani Collective and then at the end of the week flew to Rwanda to visit Handspun Hope , which is located in the region of Musanze. During these travels, my spirit was very loud and clear. It said,

“Rest, slow down and take time to be present with those around you.”

It was a feeling that resonated over my whole being to just be still.


As soon as I landed back in Mombasa this past Saturday – I cancelled all my upcoming trips. Every single one of them. Yes, I am 31 weeks pregnant and had trips planned throughout the month of March. I was supposed to be in Uganda, Ethiopia and back to Rwanda. AND I cancelled them all.


For those who do not know, I am in my last year of my doctorate and my plan was to collect all my data this month before the baby comes. I am assessing programs in sub Saharan Africa, so it involved quite some travel to get all the data I needed.

I decided to stop, and my husband reminded me that changed plans are okay plans. For the first time in this pregnancy, I want to soak it all in and be present for every last moment that I have. I want to be there for Jadon and Sophie. I want to play more, laugh a bit more and begin to nest.

My motherly instinct has stepped up its game and I believe my entire being is preparing to take a bit of a break and for the first time in a very long time, I truly believe I am ready to just be still.

Pledging to be still, be present and shower love + grace to everyone around me.

From the mama taking deep breaths and long naps,

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