Biggest Parenting Fail

Do you ever go through a day where you seem nothing is going right and you just are trying to make it to your bed, so you can go to sleep and press the restart button? This was me last Wednesday. I do have to say that I am exaggerating a bit much on saying “biggest” parenting fail because I anticipate I have many more ahead of me and I already can name more than a handful that I have strategically stored away in my “please do not remember those moments” memory box.

All that to say, last Wednesday.
I want to be vulnerable with you.
I have a lot on my plate and guess what? I am NOT superwoman. SURPRISE!

So, here it is. I woke up, just like any other day and took some deep breathes, dug into the word, had a beautiful time of prayer with God and then threw myself together to begin the morning. The kids scurried out of their room full of joy and anticipating the day.

Now, this all sounds amazing, right?

Well – I have learned to always pack bags the night before and I had not done that, which is a big mistake and adds another element to the already hurried morning.

From the time the kids get up I have exactly 40 minutes to get them breakfast, dressed in the right themed day clothes for school (which always trips me up), and out the house to catch a tuk tuk off to school. The 2 hours before they rise is blissful, slow and completely prepares me for the mad dash (sometimes tornado like) of the morning, but this morning was slightly different.

So, back to forgetting to pack bags the night before. By not packing bags the previous evening – it requires probably 4.3 extra minutes that I frankly do not have in the morning and any additional minute causes even more hurry.

I will not go into every detail, but all that to say, I dropped my poor son off 10 minutes late to school and forgot to give him his water bottle, which the teacher made sure I was aware of how thirsty he was all day. To top it off – on the way to school, I realized they needed a show and tell item starting with the letter D, which yes, I forgot, so thinking on my toes, I threw in his sister’s diaper. Poor Jadon had to show his sisters diaper for show and tell (it was a clean diaper, do not worry!)

As the day went on, it was nothing but frantic and little mini breakdowns as I was extremely behind with 93470194850983 assignments for my doctorate, work, and life in general. On a quick bright side note – I now have set up a “life plan” for myself for the next quarter (more to come about that on Friday when I talk all about thriving in entrepreneurship)

As the day went on, I felt much better and was getting in the flow of catching up when all of sudden my phone rang and as soon as I looked down my heart sank. In that moment I saw the time, saw who was calling and started crying. I answered the phone, and the sweet voice on the other end asked me gently, “Is anyone coming to pick up Jadon?”

Yup. I did that. I left my son at school. Completely forgot because of how deep in work I was and determined in catching up that I left my son sitting there an hour after school had let out.

I quickly sucked up the tears, hopped in a tuk tuk and quickly rushed to my son. As soon as I got there, I grabbed him, kissed him, loved on him and stared at him deeply in the eyes apologising and saying – Jadon know you are loved and now let’s go get some ice cream.

Ice cream fixes everything, right?

Either way, it made me feel a bit better to spend some intentional time with my son after he had been sitting at school quietly, waiting and wondering if his mama was on her way.

The rest of the day went on as normal – but it was a day that I felt inadequate as a mother and would say is my most recent “biggest fail”.

Have you been there mamas? Where you seem to be juggling so many balls in the air, that one slips and you seem to crumble quickly?

Today, I want to encourage you that you are not alone. We all have those days and for me, they actually happen more than I would like to admit, but that is the beauty of being perfectly imperfect.

To all the mamas out there giving their all. Keep your heads high and remember, we are in this together.

From the mama embracing her perfectly imperfect story and encouraging others to do the same,

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  1. We have ALL been there. Today I woke up so sick I nearly forgot to TAKE my son to school. I feel back asleep with him playing in the room next and woke up wondering where I was and what time it was. You know you got this mama!

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