Self-care + Entrepreneurship

One of my favorite things to talk about is entrepreneurship. I love talking about the adrenaline rush of it, the ideas that flow from brainstorming sessions or visualization exercises. There is a joy that comes with seeing a new idea form in your head to be written on paper and then coming alive. On the flip side, it is hard and takes an immense amount of time to be a successful entrepreneur. Many people shy away from talking about the difficult and go into talking about the highs, the successes and that “big break”.

There is not a perfect equation to what makes an entrepreneur successful, but what I can tell you is the hustle and busy culture will make you quickly burnout and be ineffective.

Today, I want to focus on you.

There are 5 quick tips I can give you that will not make your life easier, but will make your life more enjoyable. I want us to stop thinking that busy is good and running around is successful.

Just because you have a big TO DO list and are constantly moving from one thing to another – that does not mean you are successful and more importantly, that does not mean you are happy.

Let us find happiness + joy today, together.

  1. Sleep

This is important and for some of you who are reading this and know, know me then you also know that this is the one I struggle with the most. I love being engaged, socializing, hopping into every opportunity I can. I also am bombarded with new thoughts and visions constantly – that my brain has trouble slowing down. You can ask anyone who works directly with me at Imani Collective – they know I work high capacity – all the time. So, my advice for you and I is learning how to set boundaries and start making sleep a priority. This helps with emotional health, physical health and overall – just giving your body rest to be rejuvenated to give its full potential the next day.

Again, this is something I work on daily – but some practical steps that have helped me accomplish more sleep are the following:

  • Setting downtime and app limits on my phone
  • Charging my phone outside of my room
  • Putting a recorder by my bed so I can quickly verbally transfer thoughts or ideas. I choose this over a journal, so I do not have to sit up and turn on a light to signal my brain to arise – but helps me track my thoughts through voice notes
  • Separate work from my bedroom. Create your bedroom to be a sacred space of rest and set up your home workspace to be elsewhere.
  1. Nourishment

Food. It sounds simple, but I will let you know that as an entrepreneur we tend to go in two different directions. We either do not eat because we forget to make time to sit down and have this common claim that we are “too busy”. On the other hand, we eat many bad snacks because the entrepreneurship has brought a new stress into our lives that we are not sure how to handle all the emotions, so we eat under pressure. Whatever side you fall on, both are not sustainable and especially not putting the proper nourishment in your body that you need.

Practical advice is learning to plan ahead, prioritize and meal plan. If you know you will forget to eat then begin to meal plan or if you know you will snack when stressed then plan to keep healthy snacks around (stop eating the candy bars!)

Nourishment for your body can be easily accomplished by setting it as a priority and not just an afterthought.

  1. Breathe

Sounds simple, but truly just breathe. You can do this by simply having breathing exercises or like I do – meditate. I spend some time reading scripture and then meditating on truth before I start my day. This does not have to be long. I know as an entrepreneur this might seem like a lot of work to sit still for even 30 seconds – but I encourage you to begin this practice. For me, I spend 15-20m being still in the morning and of course, breathing.

It is said that when you own your breath, nobody can steal your peace. 

Start owning your breath. 

  1. Learn to say No

This is hard for many of us, but you have to start evaluating that what seems like a good opportunity is not always the best one to be a part of. Really take time to evaluate your time. Where are you spending it? What are you prioritizing? Are you taking time for yourself (me-time each month)? 

Once you understand what is important to you and what you want to be prioritizing in your lie then saying no will be much easier because it will be an alignment of what is important to you.

  1. Be present

I heard the other day that most leaders and entrepreneurs are like hippos – they have big mouths and little ears. Start to become more present for not just yourself, but others. Begin to listen more and truly engage with being present. The most practical example I have in my own life is with my children. Everyone knows that from 5-8PM – you will not be able to get a hold of me. That is my intentional time with my children. It is my time to be fully present – fully mom and engage in all the laughter and memories in the sandbox. 

Find a way to set your phone down, turn off the distractions and be present, fully in the moment. Those seconds are life giving.

Entrepreneurship is a journey and its exciting, hard and truly builds you, well, to be you. 

My biggest advice to you today is find your joy and let us walk together.

From the joyful entrepreneur,

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