Ethical • What does it really mean?

This year will mark 11 years since the first time I stepped foot in Kenya. When I sit and reflect
on my journey, I tend to always get a bit emotional. I am not sure if it’s because the journey has
not been what I would call “easy” or if it is just the beauty of all the experiences, memories and
milestones that have happened in this last decade. Truly, it is probably a combination of both
and through it all, I would not change one thing about it. I am honored and blessed to be where
I am today – still in progress, still growing and still learning.

In all of my years of experience, I would say I have become an expert (both by academia
standards and life circumstances) in sustainability, business as missions and more importantly
everything surrounding this ambiguous term ethical.

So, what does ethical really mean you might wonder?
We seem to hear a lot of buzz words these days that consist of fair-trade, artisan made, organic,
slow fashion, up cycle, green initiatives, LOHAS, sustainability and ethical. They all are important
within their own sector, but my heartbeat and current initiative is to begin to educate you
around these terms.

I live, sleep and breathe in this ethical space that I forget this is not common terminology for
everyone. So, here is the deal! That is what Wednesdays are going to be all about. I want you to
know why I LOVE this space so much and I want you to know the importance of the little
decisions we make in our day to day life.

This is a space where we will talk about organic versus natural or why having alternatives versus
plastic is just simply better for you and the environment. We will talk about ethical sourcing
from raw materials to finished product.

I AM SO EXCITED. So, stay tuned and next week will be the first “learning blog” coming your


From your favorite ethical and sustainability nut,

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