Motherhood Mondays Back in Session!

It is Monday and it has been a while since I have hopped on and said hello. In fact, in the time that I have been gone, my newborn has now officially turned 7 months and my toddler that is going on 3 is well, a toddler. He challenges me daily and then gives me that sweet smile that makes my heart melt. How can a child do that to us? We get so frustrated by their actions and then they turn to us, tilt their head, flash those eyes and smile. In those moments, I am brought back to the first time I held him in my arms and my mama heart is cured. Then 1.3 seconds later, is a different story. But that is the life with a toddler.

So, for today. I am here and fully present. I am showing up for you and for me.

Writing cures my soul and the fact that it has been out of my life for some time, has made me a bit off balanced. This a place that I can share my thoughts, heart and process out loud without talking my husbands ear off every night.

I have been so busy with our traveling, visiting and getting settled back into some sort of routine here in Kenya that writing was put in a box for a little bit because I simply did not have time or in the little time I did have, I would fall asleep as soon as I opened my computer.

My desire is to always be more consistent for not only me and my love for sharing stories, but also for you. I find that there is actually quite a number of you that take the time to read about my life and the unsolicited advice I like to give. For that, I am grateful.

If this is your first time. Welcome to Motherhood Mondays. Where I talk everything about being a mother. The joys, the messes and the plain ugly truth. My hope is that you feel at home here and you realize quickly that we are all in the same boat and we are not perfect. Let us pledge together to stop comparing ourselves to others and in return, start sharing truth, becoming vulnerable and living in community together.

As mothers, we should come together and support one another because as we all know, motherhood is hard and none of us have the right answers or the perfect method, so lets walk together in it.

Next week, I am talking all about the transition from being a mother of one to two. I will tell you about my absolute joys and also, the ugly truth. Do not get me wrong, I love being a mother and the love I have for my babies is immense, but do I ever wish I had a day (whole 24 hours) alone and to myself? YOU BET I DO! Even just ten more minutes would be nice.

Until next week mamas. Stay strong and love deep today.

– Jenny

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