Our Safari Continues

The last couple of months have come and gone. The Nuccio clan is now a family of 4 and Sophie Gene is already almost 3 weeks old. It always seems to amaze me how time slips between our fingers like an hourglass of sand.

And then as the sand reaches the end, we flip it over and start the countdown again. Life is filed with change and new stages to embrace, which I have learned to ebb and flow with the day to day that is given to me. I am forever thankful for the journey I am on and the unique story we get to tell as a family. Over the years, I have been trying to get better at sharing that story with all of you. There are so many times where I am sitting with a friend over coffee sharing stories about Kenya or our many travels and then I am immediately asked, “are you going to write a book?”

Answer: “Maybe?”

But as this question is common and frequent… I quickly realized we have a fun and beautiful story to be shared. There are many hilarious moments and then some that are unbearably hard. This is life and we all are actively living one.

I want to share mine more with you.


I crave to create simplicity in our world and share life with one another. I am a born storyteller and I want us to share this story   t o g e t h e r.

No matter where we are in this world or our background, we are people and I am convinced there is a little good in everyone.

I started this blog last year to share my story in particular lenses of motherhood, wanderlust and holistic living. And now, I want you to get a little bit closer.

My blogs might not be long. They may be quick quotes, funny stories or truth of the road, but as my family and I head on the road for the next 4 months, I want to take you along the journey. In the next week, I will be launching an online travel journal with several stories throughout the week and a weekly vlog. Hold up! You heard me… Video blogging just for you!

The launch will be soon, so keep anticipating what’s coming next as our safari continues.

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