Sitting still to acquire freedom

I sit.
This is hard for me to do and I do not do it often… where I just sit.
There is no computer in my lap. No book in my hands.
No phone urgently awaiting my attention.

It is just me, my thoughts and my intentions.

This is hard. Really hard.

I am not exactly sure where to even begin. My thoughts swarm rampant with dreams, visions and then the oppressing lies that suppress the dreams and visions. My thoughts are a yo-yo, back and forth and I wonder if I will always feel this way. I wonder if I will always think, “wow, I am in over my head.”

Most people know me as a visionary and dreamer and I can attest to that is who I am, but when you do more than dream and you put action to your thoughts that is when you have transformed to something more. You have created. You have activated. You have begun a movement of change.

I sit. I reflect on where I once was and where I am now and I wonder why I let the world around me define me. We tend to all do this. We are stuck in constraints of comparison and we let the world give us direction.


We are powerful beyond measure and we can turn the other way at any moment and make our own path.

Why do we let others creep into our day to day thoughts and steal our joy?

Or is this just me?
Surely, I am not alone.

So, I sit. I close my eyes and I give myself time to take it all in.
To breathe. To remind myself that I am worthy of this life.
I am beautiful. I am sacred. I am capable of far greater than I know.

In those moments, I do not let the world put me in a box.
I do not let strangers steal away the happiness I have created because they compare and strike with heavy words.

I stand strong. I stand confident and I know this is the only beginning of my many experiences ahead.

I happily sit and finally let the release of the struggle fade away. I am free.

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