Mind. Body. Soul.

This last season in my life I lacked every sense of this. My mind was cluttered, my body was fatigued and my soul was restless. I was a little bit lost while the world was whirling past me. This so-called season was short, but it took my breath away. My husband would remind me daily to dig deep into my bible, to pray and to take my own advice. He would give me his sweet smile and tell me to read my own blogs, so I could be reminded of “me”.

So, guess what? I finally took his advice and I started to heal, repair and rest. I began to feel whole again and find myself. I started to understand who I, “Jenny Rebecca” was.

To live a holistic life is to live a balanced life. It can also be said to be “conscious living” and to make a conscious effort in your decisions and being present in your life.

When I think about living “holistic” to me it does mean an organic or living off the farm or the many other definitions people can term holistic living. What it means to me is being balanced and center in my spirit. I want to know that my priorities are in line and that I am spending the appropriate time in the correct places of life. It also consists of bringing balance to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions of all of life.

The major importance of being true to myself is that then I am true to all that are around me.

My steps for staying true.


  • Be present in the conversations I am engaging in.
  • Feed my mind intellectually with books and the Truth.
  • Surround myself with positive motivation as well as people who challenge my thinking and build into me.


  • Make time for being active.
  • Yoga, run, dance, hike and enjoy the outdoors around me.
  • Fuel my body with the right food.


  • Feed my spirit with the Truth and quiet time with the Lord.
  • Memorize more scripture.
  • Be present.
  • Spend time in solitude and know it is okay to take time away to “rest’ my spirit.

My intention for this year is to be genuine, authentic and to shine the true me always. I do not want to fall back into a season of restlessness, but want to be able to give grace when needed and keep balance.

Let us walk in this together and refine one another in our mind, our body and our souls.

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