2018 | A life on the road

Can you believe we are already 3 days into 2018?!
9 years ago, I came to Kenya. I can’t believe how much time has passed.
That trip not only seems like yesterday, but it was a changing point in my life.

It brought to a place that I now consider home and have established deep roots, but the best part is it ignited my wanderlust spirit. Today is the first Wednesday of 2018 and Wanderlust Wednesday! Man, I have missed this day.

One of my goals this year with the blog is to make sure that my writing is filled with stories, advice and genuine love. Meaning, I will not be forcing any blogs to just “give you a blog”. I want to make sure that my intentions are always pure and I am resting when I need rest.

Most Wednesdays, you will find me here… but if one Wednesday I do not show up then just know I am resting and being intentional in my home.

But, let us back track. IT IS WANDERLUST WEDNESDAY.

And Sean (the hubs) and I are about to set out for one crazy year. About every 3-4 years, we set out for longer trip “home” to visit family. Last time we did this was right after we got married and we were in 25 different states in 11 months.

This year, we will be leaving in March and our first stop will be Morocco.

After spending about a week exploring Morocco, we will make a brief 10 day stop in Texas and then head up to Alaska early April. From April-July, we will sit pretty as we wait to welcome our second baby! Due date is June 11th, so we shall see what the Lord’s perfect timing is on that.

Then starting July, we will begin our first road trip.
West coast is first. We will be visiting…
New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, California, Oregon, Washington, Montana, North Dakota

Then we will make our way back to Texas for a family reunion and to celebrate my grandmothers 90th birthday!

Then comes Colorado for a couple of weeks in September AND the first week of October we will start our East coast treck. We will be visiting…

Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Missouri.

After a long while on the road, we will end our time in Texas and make our international trek back home to Kenya.

We are coming for you guys, so if we are in your area… let us know and we would LOVE to see you and your family.

I am excited that I will be able to share with you our adventures over the Wednesdays this year. Let us Wanderlust together!

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