I excitedly reentered the blogging world last July and it was one of the best decisions I made in 2017. I absolutely love writing, in fact, I hope one day to write you a book. Not sure what it will be about yet, but before I die, I want to give you something to cherish that is raw and authentic. I may not follow all the rules in my writing, but what I love is that I get to put my thoughts on paper.

Story of my life is I think a lot. I vision a lot. And I dream almost every moment of every day. There is so much going on in my head (just ask my husband), so to be able to share with you on a daily is a gift to me.

When I first started blogging again, many people were against the notion purely because I have plenty of things that I am responsible for in my life. To many, my life can be overwhelming, but to me, it is a blissful journey that I get to embark on every day choosing how I balance and rest.

Rest, to be honest, is a constant battle for me. I am extremely blessed to have a husband that teaches me how to do that well. I find that rest is complacent, unproductive and a waste of time. Yes, you heard me. That is what I tell myself quite often because I love checking off to-do lists and being, well, productive. The satisfaction I get from highlighting across my planner gives me a high, but in the past couple of months I have taken many steps back, unplugged and re-centered myself. When I first did this, I felt guilty for not typing away to give you another week of stories and advice. Then I came to find out, I needed to be still and rest my soul.

So, in the last couple of months I have napped a little more (I blame baby 2 for that one), got lost in a few more books, caught up on some tv series I had been missing, and spent time with my family. I learned to love my community deeper, be fully present for my son and overall, end the year feeling whole again.

I could write a long list of my goals and resolutions for the year, which of course I have made #listgirlforlife, but I want to leave you with my personal theme for the 2018 year.

For 2017, my theme was BOLD.

For 2018, my theme is INTENTION.

I want to have pure intentions in all I do.
I want to be intentional with every relationship in my life.
I want to be raw, fully present and seek genuine intentionality.
In every project I am involved in, I want to have an intended goal and purpose.

My intent for this next year is to…
share my story,
to be fierce,
to love deeper
to rest without guilt
to be refined
to give grace often
and to strive to be perfectly imperfect.

I lift my glass to 2018 and am excited to be walking this journey with each and every one of you and your beautiful souls.

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