Let our Little Adventure Continue.

One of my favorite days of the week is Monday because I love the start of a new week! I get to set new goals, engage in new conversations, build on the beautiful relationships that surround me and do it all with a refreshed spirit. I also love Monday because I get to share all about being a mama on Motherhood Monday! It is truly a delight to share fun stories, give practical advice and just talk about my sweet little boy, Jadon.

As you probably have noticed, I have been a little absent these past weeks and I am here to explain WHY.

First, it has been a hard month. I will be completely honest and say it has been one of the hardest months in my life just with “life” being thrown at me in every direction. On the other hand, I have been extremely tired with my workload, as well as the heat of Mombasa has been completely draining. I also have been exhausted because have a beautiful life growing inside of me!

YES YES YES. The Nuccios are pregnant again! and we are so excited to have another little joining our beautiful adventure.

I have been anxiously waiting for this day. I wanted to spill the beans right away, but was patient with sharing the news with each one of you and am beyond excited for you to walk in this journey with me for baby #2.

With all that to say, I ask for a little bit of grace if I slip on a blog here or there because to be honest, I am probably taking a nap. A much-needed nap.

Happy Motherhood Monday! Let the crazy, messy and beautiful adventure continue.

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