Living to Come Alive

I remember when I first decided that I was going to move abroad. I was excited, anxious, scared and a little uncertain of how I would make it all happen. I packed everything in boxes that eventually was sold. I owned nothing to my name but two suitcases and an Osprey pack and I moved across the world to a rural village in Kenya.


Many thought I was crazy, but I just knew it was where I was supposed to be. I knew if I kept ignoring the tug at my heart I would continue to feel a void in my daily life. (You can listen to a snapshot of it HERE.)

I believe you know exactly what I am talking about. There is a thing. YOUR thing that is out there. Every time you think about, are around it or are doing it,

you are alive. you feel alive. you come alive.

Today is Wanderlust Wednesday and I want you to meet Gaby.
Tomorrow she will be taking over my story on instagram and I encourage you to follow.

I have known Gaby since childhood and her free spirit always has made me smile. She is one woman that makes you see the good in this world and lets be honest, She is a badass and I want you to meet her!

Gaby is a TBI survivor. After crushing her skull last year in a climbing accident, she used climbing as her own unique physical therapy.  “James left the crag with a fractured skull and hemorrhaging brain that interfered with her ability to concentrate and remember, to feel like herself. Today, she left with a glimpse of freedom and clarity she hadn’t experienced since the accident. Not everyone around her supported James climbing again so soon—or ever—but she followed her intuition that climbing was exactly what her recovering brain needed. A growing number of specialists agree: Rock climbing could be a promising new way to help people recover from traumatic brain injuries (TBIs).”

I love her spirit of tenacity. That in the midst of opposition, she knew what was best for her to heal and get back to feeling whole again. She needed to get out there and allow her body to move and her brain to initiate problem solving through climbing as therapy. Many people would turn the other direction, but Gaby took steps of courage and walked fearlessly through this time in her life. I remember following her journey from a far and reading the various articles and social media posts. I was in awe of her strength and I also was blown away of the community of climbers, family and friends who came around her. It was so beautiful to see the amount of love she was getting from all over the world and even from many people she had never met. I love seeing people come together and although it was through a pretty traumatic event, people were unified around her and because of her.

The best part of this story is Gaby is in full recovery. She still is being awesome on the daily and of course, still bringing people together through her daily inspiration of choosing to live a life that makes her come alive!

She was listed as an Instagrammer who inspires people to be better versions of themselves and featured on The Chive for being one of the 14 women who are ‘one with the great outdoors’.

Gaby is a Go-Pro content creator and a first ascentionist, meaning she has put up 10 first ascents throughout North America.

She is a woman who follows that nudge in her heart and lives a life worth living. Many days I wish we lived closer, so I could sit and share a cup of coffee with her or just tag along on a spontaneous road trip.

She is a force to be reckon with and I am beyond excited for you to meet her virtually tomorrow on my story feed. So, tune in and follow her throughout the day. Also, go be inspired over on her feed! She is someone you will not regret adding to your daily life.

Stay encouraged my Wanderlust spirits and know, it is okay if you seem a little crazy… just go do YOUR thing and enjoy the one life you have to live.


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