Traveling to Find Rest in your Soul

Do you ever travel because you just wanna get away?

Sometimes traveling, whether it is a weekend trip to the beach or a month backpacking through Europe, it simply is for the sake of mental health. There have been so many times in my life when I chose to hop in my car with only an overnight bag and no planned destination because I just… had to.

Traveling can be for the sake of adventure, but it also can be for grieving or contemplation. Know that wherever you are on this road today, you are not alone.

I still have my weekend getaways, and my husband will always remind me when I need to rest, but my bigger get away that was for mental health alone was last year at this time.

I called my husband crying as I was walking the streets of New York City. He was back home in Kenya doing a mission trip with our boys and I was working a market in the big city. I had Jadon with me (only 4-months old at the time) and I felt completely drained. I was overwhelmed with life and I had no idea where to make my next move.

I took so many leaps to get to NYC for this show and it just was not going as planned. I was at a cross roads in life and in my business, but just felt stuck. I had recently found out about a women’s retreat called Azmera and it was being held in Israel about 3 weeks after I would return from New York. I wanted to be there. I needed to be there. Of course, Israel had been a dream to travel to, but in that moment Azmera could have been anywhere, and I wanted to go. Again, I needed to go.

My husband, being the amazing man he is, decided it was a good idea and as soon as Jadon and I got home to Kenya, two-weeks later we were off to Israel.

The retreat was held overlooking the Sea of Galilee and I got so much needed time in prayer, meditation and restoration. I was taken out of my convoluted world and put into a place of peace where I could refocus my heart and intentions. This trip was filled with family fun as well and the sites I got to visit will forever be engrained in my heart, but what I got from being with Azmera was a renewed sense of hope.

Traveling for the sake of refocusing your heart is important. Never let anyone tell you different and know that you are always valued in this world.

Let me hear from all my wanderlust souls out there!
Share a time where you got away for the sake of rest and clarity of mind.


2 thoughts on “Traveling to Find Rest in your Soul

  1. Wanderlust- it’s a real thing. I’ve been aching to go on a trip but have been busy with job transitioning and graduate school. I’d love to check out Alaska, Banff, or Iceland – I think my body’s get tired of AZ weather.

    1. I can completely get busy. When you have a chance, head up to Alaska. My husband is from there and we have friends from all over if you need a place to stay or advice on where to travel to. Go get some needed rest!

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