Cost Priorities when Traveling

Traveling is on most everyone’s bucket list and the biggest barrier always seems to be the price tag. I am here today to give you five simple strategies to prioritize your costs, so that you may fill your wanderlust soul more than just once in a lifetime.

1| plan ahead + look for deals +  take advantage of a layover

The better you are at planning ahead then the cheaper your plane tickets will be. I know we all love to be spontaneous and I believe there is a time and a place (maybe, save those for more local adventures). When planning to go a little bit further and abroad, planning ahead will benefit you greatly. You can book your flight at a lower cost and you have time to look for deals. Explore and SEARCH for coupons, deals or whatever you can find to stay in your budget. AND layovers are good. They may seem exhausting, but use it as a time to get out and spend a day in a new place you have never been. Gather up the energy and explore with all you got because a couple days or weeks later, you will be back to your normal routine.

2| hostel not hotel

Become social and stay at a hostel! To be honest, many hostels have private rooms and you are not always put into a bunk house, but the more people you are willing to room with, of course, the cheaper your trip will become. This might make some of you cringe a little bit, but embrace the adventure and soak up every out of the box experience. You might be uncomfortable, but it will make you grow in your character and trust me, you will meet some pretty amazing people along the way.

3| public transportation

Taxi? Absolutely not. Find a train, bus, subway or any other form of local transport. Another element that might make you have to get out of your bubble, but again, embrace the culture and experience. Be willing to ask for directions and get lost, so that you give yourself time to discover your surroundings. Local transport will not only be memorable, but it will save you a lot of money!

4| plan your meals + cook for yourself

This is a good one. You can explore anew place without eating out every meal. Plan your meals within your budget you have set for yourself. Go out to eat when you can, but also adventure into the local markets and experience the rich food around you through your own perspective. There is always time to sit in a cool street cafe or have a fancy dinner, but it also comes with a number that might not be in your budget. THAT IS OKAY. Learn to experience the street vendors, open air markets and again, get out there! Having a budget does not always bring you convenience, but what it does bring is creativity. EMBRACE THE CREATIVE YOU.

5| avoid large cities

This one is my favorite because I feel when we travel we have to be in proximity of everything we want to see or do and this is a misconception. We all want to visit those famous cities and see the well known sites, but that does not mean you have to lay your head to rest in the hotel next to them. I like to say, look over the hill. Learn to explore the city or town over. It might add another 30 minutes to your commute, but it will also save you hundreds of dollars in the process. Explore the cities during the day and at night retreat over the hill.

I am an explorer by nature, but my wallet says “nope”.
Prove your wallet wrong and start planning your next adventure.



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