Motherhood. Live a life worth living

When I was growing up my mama always told me that people even when I do not know it, people are always watching, so to mind my manners. (or something like that!) I never really understood that until I got a little bit older and then, it hit me all over again when I became a mother.

Jadon is a year and a half and constantly picking up new habits, (Some are cute and some, not so much… if you know what I mean, mamas!).

Everyday he is wide eyed as if he is seeing the world for the very first time. He listens, he responds and he follows. What we do, he does. What we say, he says and so on.

He is being easily molded into his sweet little character and I have to remind myself that even when I think no one is watching, there is always a little pair of eyeballs looking right up at me. I am not only his mother, but I am his biggest influence.

I once heard from a friend that your kiddos will become who you are, so be who you want them to be.

What does this look like? Obviously, we each have our own parenting style, but I believe it is more than how you discipline your child. Being a mother is shown through love, engagement, attentiveness and overall availability to your child. I do not believe “our world” as mothers revolve around our kiddos, in fact, if you knew me at all, then you would know that is far from the truth. I do believe however, that we have a responsibility to show our kids what it means to live life to the fullest. I believe we need to not just tell them to chase their dreams, but we should be the ones chasing and living ours as well. We need to live by example and watch our kids flourish because they grew up seeing what it meant to live a life worth living.

There are three things as a mother that I want my baby boy to carry on and I know that in all of these areas, I need to prioritize them first and again, set the example.

Family | love

Family is the unit. A family is where my little feels safe and loved. My family, first, starts with Jesus. I would not be the woman I am today without the saving grace from my Father. Then, my husband. He is my rock, best friend and leader of our family. AND then come my kids. You hear me talk about Jadon, A LOT, but our family also consists of over 30 boys that my husband has discipled for almost 7 years now. They fill my home with laughter, they bring messes that remind me every day our home is lived in and they love their little brother so much. Jadon will know what love is. He will know eternal love from our Lord and he will know genuine love from his family. My prayer is he takes that and carries it with him for as long as he lives.

Community | together

Community is about being together and building one another up for the common good. I want Jadon to know what a strong, authentic community looks like. I want him to crave unique relationships and never know what “surface level” is. I want my baby boy to know he is always welcome and he has the power to bring people together with his smile and sweet heart. Community is so important and I am one blessed mama to be a part of such a beautiful community, not only Kenya, but worldwide. I hope Jadon never takes community for granted.

Health | holistic

My last thing that I want Jadon to always remember about his mama is how she cared about her holistic health. I want him to remember me running, doing yoga, eating healthy, being positive and always smiling. In fact, I want to create those memories with him of hiking, camping, running, cooking and laughing together because we are both the biggest goofballs. (those silly smiles… he gets it from me! or better yet, learns from me.) I want him to know the importance of holistic well being because it was talked about and present every day in his home.

I have a responsibility as a mother to be the best version of myself that I can be for my little boy. This does NOT mean perfection, but what it does mean is being true to myself and digging a little bit deeper when I want to miss a workout. It is in those moments when I have had a long day and all I want to do is get lost scrolling through my phone, but I choose to be attentive for Jadon and give him my best before I tuck him into bed at night.

I get to choose and I choose Motherhood.
I choose Jadon.
I choose to be an example.
I choose to live a life worth living.
I choose to be genuine.
I choose to be authentic.
I choose to be present.

I choose to dream, wander and embrace the journey.

What do you choose?

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