Coexist | People + Places

Every time I begin to plan a trip, I dream up every last thing I want to do in the amount of time I have. Some of my trips have been longer and some shorter,  but no matter the duration, I always have come with an explorative spirit. My ultimate goal is to immerse myself completely in the culture and get lost in the nook and crannies of the old cities.

I want to see | I want to experience | I want to leave with memories

I am the kind of traveler that would rather sleep in a 12 bed bunk house, eating beans, then be in a luxurious hotel with a buffet before me. I want to be uncomfortable, so that my senses come alive and my whole being is overwhelmed by the experience.

The more I have traveled and experienced cultures, I have learned that places are made to be the places they are because of the people that you find there. People make up these places all over the world. Without people, the wanderlust experience would not be complete. I know my soul craves adventure not just because it loves to see something new and beautiful in another parts of the world, but my soul craves authentic conversations and genuine moments that last forever in my memories.

People make up places and places are integrated within a person to shape their spirit. They coexist.

One is not the same without the other.

Have you ever been traveling and you met a complete stranger that after spending a couple hours in a coffee shop, exploring the city, summiting a mountain, wading the ocean waves, or whatever adventure you might be doing together, that you felt like life long friends?

These moment encompass my favorite memories on the road, when I make a new friend.

I am not sure if it is just me, but I feel that when we break our routines of normalcy and we hit the road, we transform. It is as if we are set free and in those moments of travel and embracing the wholeness of our wanderlust spirit, we become a little bit more courageous, brave, and fearless in our every action.

It is as if we unleash a greatness that is being held deep down inside of us and whisper to ourselves,  “It is ok, just do you.”

Due to this influx of bravery, we stretch our arms and scale new heights, develop new friendships that know no boundaries and allow ourselves to be true in its purest form.

My challenge for myself and to you is to allow that wanderlust spirit that encompasses fearless tendencies, to be present daily.

Why are we only true to ourselves and our inner character when we are further away from “home”?

Start to “just do you” and let us be surprised, together on the newfound peace we find from within. Let us open our eyes to the people in the places that are are familiar to us and challenge ourselves to step out of our box and say hey! to a stranger everyday.

I think we both will be surprised that if we put away our phone and start looking out into the world again, that we would find new places to explore in an area that might be so familiar to us.

Let us seek adventure in our backyards and transform our spirit to be authentic and true.



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