Bucket List Journey

Do you keep a bucket list?

I used to be pretty good at journaling all that I want to do before I die. I actually did have a bucket list written out somewhere, but currently my bucket list is mainly just floating around in my head.

Whether you have a bucket list written or not, most of us have one place that we really really really want to visit or explore before we die.

This was hard for me to decide because of course, being a wanderlust soul I have plenty of places on my list, including: Bali, Phuket, Chile (Patagonia), Argentina, Backpack for a month through Europe, Scotland, Australia and the list and landmarks go on…

If I had to choose one place and keep in mind this could change in a week, but if I had to pick one place today. My Bucket List Journey would be Morocco!

Why Morocco?

I would love to see Western Africa and the vibrant culture that Morocco brings. I would desire to spend a good amount of time there and travel between the cities, countryside and coastline.

I wish I could tell you all about Morocco, but because it is unknown territory, it is your turn to tell me!

Tell me all you know in the comments below + share with me your bucket list trip!

AND let us make our bucket list trips a reality… very soon!


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