The day I became Wiser

I love when Monday rolls around because I get to talk about one of my favorite things in the world; motherhood.

Becoming a mama was life changing. One night I was staring at my big belly awaiting the moment I would meet my baby boy and the next morning I was holding him in my arms, completely responsible for keeping him alive. I became “the source”. The source for food. The source for love. The source for diaper changes. The source for kisses. The source for food… oh wait, I said that!

You become everything and your responsibilities quadruple over night. With that, you learn a lot in a short amount of time. Jadon is only 17 months old and what I have learned over the past two years almost seem like a lifetime of knowledge. To be honest, when he is 18, I am going to be a genius. Completely kidding, but the life experiences that I will gather over the next couple of decades are going to be invaluable.

Mothers are wiser and smarter because it just simply comes with the territory of being a mother. You begin to research things you never would have “googled” before because you want to make sure your kiddos cough is not a crazy disease. (all of us moms are guilty of WebMd-ing ourselves and kids, way toooo much!) We also learn from experience and from one another.

Mothers are smart because we use our community around us to find solutions. We call our own mama, friends, siblings or even log on to online forums to receive other perspectives. Most of us are digesting new information daily, so we can make sure we are doing the best thing for our children.

3 reasons I believe you become wiser when you become a mama:

1. You Care.

Simple. You care a little bit more about the world around you. I am not saying you did not have a heart before becoming a mother. What I am saying is that you care more about your surroundings and how it will affect your baby. You never really thought about it before because secretly we think we are invincible (or at least I do!), but you start to consider those so called “germs” when a newborn pops into your world.

Your caring even begins when you conceive and find out you are pregnant. You begin to take vitamins, eat healthier and again google search everything. You gain new knowledge and in the end, become wiser in the process.

2. You want to be the best version of yourself

When you become a mother, you automatically become a role model. All of sudden you might decide to pick up a work out routine, join a book club, or go to church more regularly then you did before. You realize that your influence is greater when you have a little one staring up at you and you want to be the best for them. Becoming the best version of yourself is not to be used to compare yourself to all the moms on instagram because that is not real life. Your best version is for you and your family. You want to make changes because you know it will not just benefit your little one, but it will benefit YOU.

‘Just do you.’  
Know by being yourself, you are instilling beautiful truth into your child’s life. AND.
By being you, you are becoming wiser through the experiences you are having daily.
You are also actively learning how to be true to oneself, which creates unwavering truth in your life.

3. You begin to dream.

I am a dreamer, but my dreams expanded when I became a mother. I thought I was invincible before and now in my dream world, I am super woman. If you are like me, awesome! Know that this should not get to your head thought because in actuality, we are not super woman and we are only human, so if you fail or feel inadequate at times, it is completely okay. Also, do not let those lies hang out for long because the truth is you are worthy and you are loved. I believe I got on a tangent, where was I…

You start to dream. When you become a mama it is like the world gets a little brighter and the future is full of new possibilities. You want the best for your little one and so you dream for them. You close your eyes and you see all the possibilities they have and it just brings joy to your daily life. This does not mean that you let your dreams take over theirs, no. This means that when they get old enough and they start to dream and talk about “what they want to be when they grow up”, that you come along side them and dream WITH them. You encourage, love and lead their feet in the right direction to Truth.

Everyday I become a little bit more wiser because Jadon is the one that teaches me so much more then my google searches.

For that, I am forever grateful.

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