Fitness | Transforming your home into a gym

Many of you may have access to a gym, CrossFit box, yoga studio, or fitness center. You also probably have a budget that accommodates for these extra activities in your life, while others may only have the resources of what is at home. No matter where you go or the resources you have, it takes great discipline to create routines and establish a workout pattern. My biggest struggle is the inconsistencies of my schedule and simply location.

There is just not a box around the corner (there is not a box at all, none exist in Mombasa) or a fitness center that meets my expectations and the few places we do have are not really easily accessible for me.

My home is multifaceted. It is a place for rest, it is a place for work, it is a place for community, it is a place for “my gym”. In my dream world, I would have one room dedicated to just yoga and my favorite HIIT workouts, but not possible. Plus, if we did have the space it would be turned into another “boys” room or game room or fellowship room before a workout room… so let’s get real. I have no workout room nor will I ever have a workout room. What is the solution?

Start moving furniture.

I love to make excuses, but that will never make me stronger or create healthy routines.
I have to work with what I have around me and be creative, so I tend to roll out my mat in the middle of our front hallway and create a space for yoga and serenity, while people come in and out of our front door. Deep breaths help me stay focused and feel renewed.

For HIIT workouts, I move couches and tables out of the way to make sure I have just enough space to lunge, side shuffle and burpee all day!

And then I have the outdoors! Running is the best thing I can do for myself. I do not exactly live in the best place to run, as I am smack dab in the middle of a large city, but if I get up early enough (before the sun rises) then I can get in a good 3 mile run. To be honest, this is one of my favorite work outs, but my hardest to accomplish because I love my sleep! I give you permission to keep me accountable on this one. I TRY my very best to run at least 3 times a week, so shoot me an email and get my booty up!

Let us come together and stop making excuses. We CAN do it and we CAN be creative.

Here is 3 simple steps to transforming your home into a gym so you can begin to transform your life to better habits and healthy living.

  1. Make a plan. Find a room that has enough space. It is okay if it filled with furniture! Moving the furniture is a great warm-up!
  2. Stick motivational quotes or pictures on the walls. Transform that space into your personal coach! It is always the best when you are feeling so tired and then you look up and see a sign saying “YOU CAN DO IT! ALMOST THERE.”
    Make your room motivational and inspiring, so that you set yourself up for success!
  3. Get your family or a friend involved to keep you accountable. You can transform your home, but you also need people who are there by your side walking this journey with you. It is not always easy to make changes, but by having the right people in your life will make all the difference.

I had to learn that just because I did not have a gym to go to that I still could be successful in my fitness journey. I was not going to allow my location of where I lived determine a decline in my physical, mental and spiritual health. If anything, I have only become stronger in all of these areas because I take time to plan and balance my life daily.

It starts with moving some furniture and creating the space for you to succeed.

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