The Importance of Family Time

We all strive to create quality time in our family, but that also requires you to have time in your schedule to do that. In order to create the quality, you need the quantity.

I am guilty of getting caught up in work that my time quickly dwindles into the evening. Before I know it, my baby boy is in bed, my husband is brushing his teeth and I find myself still sitting at my computer working and wondering, “where did the time go?”

I had to put an end to the pattern I had created. Starting in the beginning of the year, I set strict boundaries around “family time”, 5-8PM. Before, I would use work as an excuse because it involves weekly international meetings, which are between 8-10 hours behind me. This would push all my meetings to the evening and I soon realized that this excuse could not last for long. I found that I could balance my meetings by spreading them throughout the week and through intentionality, I could set all my meetings before or after my designated family time. I also had to put an end to being a hypocrite in what I shared with my Imani Collective team.

I often share the values with our team, so I can keep them accountable on how they are prioritizing their time. I normally remind each one of my staff that it is important to put God first, family and then work. If I was working so much that it was taking over my time with my family, then I was not upholding the values I set for myself or my organization.

This year, I set guidelines and was deliberate with creating balance in not only my work and home life, but also in my fitness journey and a few other personal goals (like this blog!). Balance creates inner peace and that is something I was craving for 2017. It is a daily practice, but I have noticed a major difference in my patience, attitude and overall attentiveness when “family time” is in play.

So, why is this so important to me?

Family time is vital because…

  1. Memories are made. We do not get the time back, but we have the memories to hold on to. If I am not “present” during this time then I am missing out on enjoying the memory later in my life.
  2. Builds confidence in my little one because he sees a family unit and experiences love daily. Being together fosters positive attitudes and shared life experiences.
  3. Relationships Grow. The bond between you and your child deepens. Your relationship with your spouse is also directly impacted. You are unified during family time and shared experiences are being had, which makes for a stronger family unit and deeper relationships.
  4. Pure joy. Family time fosters a time of laughter and joy. You are creating moments that are beautiful and will never be forgotten. Priceless gifts.
  5. FUN! Family time is fun! Whether it is swinging at the park, watching a movie or making cookies, family time is fun. Embrace the moments and seize the day.

Family time is not just between 5-8PM, it is also through shared meals, weekend park trips and morning routines. It is important to be “all there” because your family notices. As the years continue and my little family grows, I know that family time will adapt and with that, my boundaries will shift accordingly.

But even with changes, I still have a promise to my family:

I promise that I will always be present for you boys.
I promise that I will never put you in the shadow of my work.
I promise to love you boys everyday.
I promise I will seek adventure and seize the day, always.
I promise to be the mama and wife you deserve. AND
I promise to only make tacos on Tuesdays.

Love you, my boys. Now lets go on an adventure and have some good ol’ family time!

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