Misconceptions about Fitness

I believe that it is in our DNA that all of us want to be better versions of ourselves whether that is in academia, personal endeavors, fitness or just in being a mama!

We all strive to be better or at least deep inside of us crave the ability to start somewhere to be able to see results. Many times this can be daunting because of the comparison game we play in our heads. Many of us scroll through social media for hours wishing and not doing.

Here are a few common misconceptions about Fitness and Healthy Living that need to be broken.

  • No need for a workout plan, I got this.

WRONG. You think you got this and you might, but be organized. Go into the gym or your “home gym” with a plan. You are only hurting yourself when you try to wing it. You will be the most efficient if you plan to succeed. Find a plan that works for you and stick with it.

  • Warming up is not necessary

WRONG. You need to prepare your muscles for a workout. I used to regularly run half marathons and would have to prepare in advance for that race. I remember going into the race not being adequately trained and it was brutal. My muscles were not ready for it and my endurance was not trained well for the task at hand. Know that no matter how routine fitness might be to you, never forget to work out. You are doing yourself a big favor and avoiding a lot of injury that could happen.

  • I do not want to lift heavy in fear of bulking

Stop being afraid. If you lift too light then you are doing nothing for yourself and not challenging your muscles. On the contrary, if you lift too heavy too fast then you could be seeing an injury sooner than you would like. Challenge yourself and find the weight that makes you really push through that last rep.

  • I want to target, so should do isolation movements

Although there are many isolation movements that are good workouts and intended to work specific muscle groups, this is not the ultimate answer. Know that performing full body compound exercises will target multiple muscles at once and deliver powerful results. Mix things up and more importantly, find something that works for you.

  • I do not have time to rest

Please always rest. Sleep is important. Food (fuel) is important. Water is important. AND taking a rest day is vital. Your muscles need recovery time, so remember to allow your body to rest and to not overtrain. Let your muscles restore and then start another week ready to improve yourself

  • Water, I drink enough

Do you? I am guilty of not drinking enough water. Water is key to a fully functional brain and body. Someone who is working out regularly should drink more than the recommended eight 8oz of water. Your body is made up of 60% water and dehydration is one of the largest inhibitors of muscle function. Fuel your body and drink more water.

  • I only need a couple of hours of sleep

Wrong. And again, I am so guilty of this. I am a night thinker and have a ton on my plate these days, so I average not much sleep, which I am working on daily. Sleep provides energy and mental activity. It also allows you to get the most out of your workout. When we do not get sleep we are only hindering ourselves and our contribution to the world. Go have a date with your pillow. Sleep is important.

  • Muscle turns into fat

These are two very different groups. I believed this for the longest time! Do not fool yourself. Muscle and Fat can not change into each other. Know that the development of fat and muscle are completely separate and muscle will not become fat. You can however accumulate fat, if you are consuming more calories and not exercising. Note: If you cut down your fitness routine, then your diet should reflect a decrease in calories in order for you to stay balanced.

  • I am thin, so I am healthy

Maybe, but most likely not. You might have a lucky gene where you can eat 2 gallons of ice cream and stay thin, but in eating 2 gallons of ice cream… is that healthy? You need to add a healthy fitness routine to your life even if you are thin! Know your heart is a muscle and all of your muscles need to be worked. Add 30 minutes of activity and increase when you feel comfortable, but do something for yourself. Get out there and move!

  • I have a goal and I attend to see it in a week!

Be patient and have grace on yourself. Results are not instant. Do not be impatient and overtrain thinking that results and gains will come quicker. If you add consistent exercise then you will see results over time. Be consistent and just keep moving!


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