My Favorite Road Trip… so far

My husband and I are adventurers at heart and we share kindred spirits. We even vowed to each other on our wedding day that we would always keep each other young at heart and be co-adventurers for life. We seek to get lost and explore new territories, so of course, for our honeymoon we went on a 3-week roadtrip!

This has been my favorite roadtrip to date with the love of my life.
Here are the stops we made along the way:

  • Las Vegas on New Years | Nevada
  • Zion National Park | Utah
  • SouthCoast Winery | Temecula, California
  • Grand Canyon National Park | Arizona

For Wanderlust Wednesday, I am not going to share with you every aspect of the trip, but I wanted to share one of our adventures that took place in Zion National Park.


Hiking The Narrows in Zion.
Sean and I were pretty much the only ones in the park. Let’s keep it real. It was below freezing outside and we decided we were going to hike in waist deep water in the Narrows of Zion. This is a highly populated hike during the summer, but in “off season” it turns it feels like a zombie apocalypse occurred. With all that to say, the park was deserted and we were determined. We put on our wetsuits, special shoes, ninja masks and grabbed our hiking sticks. It was probably the coldest I have ever been (besides the top of Mt. Kenya), but it was one of the most amazing experiences.

It was me, my husband of a ONE week and the Narrows. No one else was there and it was just us taking on the world. It was peaceful, quiet; serene. The sun was perfectly reflecting off the cliff walls as we graciously navigated our ways through the waters. To be perfectly honest, there were times that I questioned my sanity and thought we could die out there, but then I would get a glimpse of my surroundings and hear the wind rustle through the narrow walls and realize just how blessed I really was. The scene was breathtaking, the experience was overwhelming and I was filled with an indescribable joy. It was in those hours of being in the Narrows that I found my wanderlust alive and well. My soul was fed and I was honored to be a part of the experience and leave my footprint in Zion.

I have always loved being outdoors, but I believe Zion is what solidified my zest for getting lost and exploration. We did not know what the next curve of the cliff would bring in the Narrows, but the more we trekked the more curious we became. We ate our lunch on a small piece of land in the middle of massive cliffs and we trekked through the water for hours, having faith that we would not get “too lost” to make it back home.

We spent moments laughing, hours talking and hours just being quiet reflecting.

The journey in Zion is much like our marriage. Our life is not as “routine” as others we know and every year (curve of the cliffs) brings new challenges, but with faith and trust in one another, we know we will never get “too lost”.

Take an adventure this week. Trust your intuition and just go explore.
Feed your soul.


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