The Not so Perfect formula

The biggest struggle I have with keeping my fitness regular is that I travel often and my life is filled with inconsistency. This is my biggest nemesis and “travel” tends to be my biggest excuse. On the contrary, I am the most successful when I set up a fitness calendar and I stick to it!

Everyone has a different method and a way of keeping themselves accountable, but I find that if I have something written down and set on my calendar then I tend to stick to it! Here are a few pointers when setting up a fitness calendar + tips on how to be successful:

  • Find a calendar, planner or get creative with drawing out illustrations on paper. Find something that intrigues you and something that will catch your attention
  • Put this calendar in a place you ALWAYS go to. I plan out everything in my daily planner and then repeat it all on my wall calendar, which is in my pantry. I always have to go for food in the morning, so I never miss it.
  • Pick a set workout routine for a set number of days or mix it up and have themed days for the month. Beach Body has some great routines to follow and you can get a monthly membership online to access so many trainers. As well as I use Yoga Works, which allows me to have a large library of yoga routines to stick to. MOST IMPORTANTLY, PICK WHAT WORKS FOR YOU.
  • Work week by week. I think that is great to vision and look to the end month. My middle name is visionary, but you also need to take baby steps to get to those end goals. So take it one week at a time and know this is a marathon, not a sprint. You are creating change in your life and new routine, so give yourself grace. Lots of it!
  • Once you have set a calendar, find a friend, spouse or group to call in and keep you accountable.
  • Set your clothes out the day before. Your stomach will turn every time you walk by those clothes and do not put them on. It will scream, “LETS DO THIS. STOP BEING LAZY.”
  • Plan ahead. Every Sunday. Set new goals, new intentions and stay looking forward. Forget about last week and the too many cheat meals that might have happened. Worry about today and how you can get better tomorrow.

There is not an exact formula that fits everyone, but there are many people out there that have a lot of determination and drive to see change. As long as you never give up in yourself then you are always going somewhere.

If you need accountability or help starting your first fitness calendar, you can always reach out to me! This is a platform of honesty and vulnerability. I am always here to be your biggest cheerleader.

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