‘ME’ Time Indulgence

When I became a mother, my world turned upside down and I had to learn a new way of living. It was not a bad thing by any means, it was just a NEW thing. I loved holding my baby and staring into each others eyes. I loved the snuggles, little giggles and the pure amazement of the world being viewed through the eyes of a newborn. I was in love with being a mama and was learning quickly what that looked like for me.

We might all be in this role of motherhood, but all of us are unique in our own way. You might allow your kiddo to eat crackers all day while I tend to cringe at the thought of Jadon only filling his belly with goldfish. You might love taking your kiddo to the movies (if old enough) and I crave being outside in the park and chasing after the butterflies with mine. As mothers we have preferences of where to go, what activities to be involved in and ultimately, how we want to raise our beautiful littles. We strive to be the best that we can be for our family and in the end, you + me tend to be last on our list of things to take care of.

Differences set aside, here is where we relate.
We need ME time. It is healthy. It is essential and it is needed.

When I indulge in ME time… well it means exactly what it means. It is time for ME and only ME. I get my cup filled back up, so I can overflow love, goodness and patience to my family.

My favorite ME time indulgence is simple.
Dream it up with me & Hear me out.

Sitting outside with a cup of coffee at hand. As I sit and listen to the noises around me, I breathe slowly with my eyes closed and I give gratitude to the Lord for giving me energy and a beautiful day ahead.

I smell the coffee, sip the coffee and sit.

For me to sit, meditate and just be present can be hard, so it is a weekly practice that I implement in my life. This is one of my favorite things to do for my indulgence in me because I am being present for me alone and caring for my well being.

Here is a more detailed list of other things I indulge in for my ME time:

  • running
  • bath (if I can find one since we do not have one in Kenya!)
  • reading a new book
  • hammocking with a new book
  • hammocking with a new book + a nap
  • hammocking with a new book + a nap + dinner
  • making dinner for one and it being a collection of my favorite meals

DO YOU. Do what revives your soul.
It is super important to take care of you, so that you can be the best for your family.

I am a mother, I am a wife, I am a daughter of Jesus, but more so, I am human and I make mistakes daily and I need to rest.

I like that my baby thinks I am Super Mom, but the reality is that sleep is needed, rest is needed and ME time is an essential part of my week, so I can continue to pour out love, grace and a pinch of happy on a daily basis.

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