Fitness + Health | Gain vs. Loss

This is a topic that is really dear to my heart. I feel most people go into fitness with a negative mindset because it is something new and challenging. We all start somewhere and it can be daunting to take on a new lifestyle of going for a run/walk or cutting out more sugar in our life. We see it as losing a part of “us” versus distinguishing all that we are gaining in the process.

Sure, we are striving to lose weight and cut the carbs, but we are gaining health and a new sense of direction. We are adding years to our lives for not only ourselves but our families.
We are striving to be a better version of me + you and we are making the change NOW versus later.

Will the first couple of day or weeks be hard? ABSOLUTELY.
But, when you look at your fitness journey and set the right intentions from the beginning then you have completely transformed your way of thinking. You have set up a road of success for you and allowed your body and mind to see the positive of this change.

Know that you are making a life change. This is not a temporary solution but this is a new way of living. You are gaining a beautiful perspective of how to live, healthy.

The biggest questions you need to identify are
  1. What are you afraid of losing?
  2. What are you gaining in this health journey?
  3. How can you stay motivated in the process?
  4. Who can you surround yourself with to help with accountability?
  5. What does success in this journey look like for YOU?

Remember this is NOT a quick + temporary solution, this is a change that benefits who you are and the people you love.

You gain health
You gain freedom
You gain confidence
You gain emotional + spiritual strength
You gain community
You gain a beautiful YOU.

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