My Fitness Motivation

You are going strong. You created a routine and then you hit that one day that your mind says no. All those excuses start creeping back in and instead of going for that run or picking up those weights, you just want to lay down on the couch. You want to call it a day and just record it as a loss, but why?

Why do we fall into those lies that so easily creep into our heads and take over our life?

It is in these moments that you have to know your WHY.

You have to know why you are choosing the healthy road versus the fast food everyday road.
You have to know why you are enduring the sore muscles and pushing through one more rep.
You have to know why you are seeking getting stronger besides just looking good for summer.

So, what is your why

When I hit these moments, this is what keeps me motivated.

  1. Being a Role Model

I know that people are always watching both in my family, friends and complete strangers. I want to be someone who motivates, inspires and shows the world that you can do this! We can all be better versions of ourselves and when the going gets tough, I remember you.

You motivate me to be better.
You motivate me to keep going.
You make me stronger, so I thank YOU.
Accountability is such a beautiful thing.

  1. Keeping up

I choose healthy, so I can keep up with my little one. He is fun, adventurous and everywhere! I want to be able to run with him, lift him and grow with him. I do not want to be that tired mama who is always exhausted and can’t keep up with my boy. Jadon’s precious smile crushes all those little lies and gives me strength to push through that next rep.

  1. Not Giving Up

My husband is a BIG motivation. I never want to give up on myself because I am “married”. I always want to be my best version for him. The biggest advice I ever received is “Never stop dating your husband” and I am blessed with an amazing man who never forgets to tell me I am beautiful and kiss me goodnight. I push through for him. He is my biggest fan.

  1. Preparing my Body for Pregnancy

I am a mama to one amazing little boy, but the more you get to know me you will realize that I want a BIG family. Sean and I joke all the time about having our own Nuccio soccer team. We will not go that CRAZY, but we for sure want some more kiddos running around. I want to be ready for that. During my first pregnancy, I worked out until the day I gave birth and my body was ready and prepared before conception. When the time comes for us to be pregnant again, I want my body to be prepared for that step. I want to be fueling my body with the right nutrition and fitness plan. The time is always now. Not tomorrow.

  1. My Confidence + Energy

Then of course, I do it for me! There has to be an element of choosing healthy that is for yourself or you will most likely fail in the endeavor. I push through the lies and work out because it makes me feel good. When I eat good, my face shines differently and my hormones are in balance. When I work out, I regularly release endorphins and feel like a new me every time I run. I push through for my self-confidence. I push through for my energy and I push through because I find complete joy!

The “hard” days happen more than we expect, so establish your why and stick to that as your motivation when the going gets tough. YOU GOT THIS.

Remember, we are in this  t o g e t h e r.

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