My Travel Suitcase

I travel quite often. Many times for work, but also pleasure and to be honest, I seek adventure even if it is a short weekend trip. I love the road, but also love the idea of home. My soul is in a constant transient state as I strive to dig roots deeper in the community I am among, but also uproot often to feed the desire of my heart to see the world around me.

Wanderlust Wednesdays is dedicated to those souls who are not satisfied with the normalcy of life, but crave to be immersed in cultures that are unfamiliar to their own. This soul wants to learn more, be more and engage with others more. They want to find themselves in the present moment and seize the day, always. They want to go off the beaten path, explore the uncomfortable, be challenged in who they are and; in the end, be a better person because of the experiences they have encountered.

Mid-week gets me excited because I love sharing about adventure to you who crave the journey. And to all you wanderlust souls who constantly live in that suitcase, today I am here to share with you my travel musts.

These are things I always have on me and in my suitcase and/or cross country osprey pack (depending on the adventure I am embarking on).

  1. My journal

My journal is my collection of thoughts, my stream of consciousness and goes with me everywhere. It is a place I can write tasks, observations and memories. A place where I can dive in and allow myself to digest the daily experiences and all that is happening around me.

  1. Baby wipes

Enough said. Whether you have a baby or not. THESE ARE ESSENTIAL. I use baby wipes for my baby, yes (especially when traveling with him) but I use these to wipe my hands, face, clean a spoon, gum off my shoe, etc. Have these on you especially if you do not know where the next bathroom could be (TMI. But good information. You will thank me later)

  1. Gum + pretzels

If you are traveling by plane then you know gum really helps with cabin pressure. If you are traveling by bus then you know gum really helps with covering up the bad smells that surround you. And if you are traveling by foot, well gum is just a nice treat. Then pretzels… they keep me from reaching the stage of hangry. So, they are a must for sure. 

  1. My phone + External Charger

Phone. Not so much for communication, but for my camera, my map, my devotion, my bible, my random google searches, my quick notes. My phone acts as a lot of things and unless I want to completely unplug. It is good to have. Plus, if you want to unplug but have it for camera or notes then turn it on airplane mode and use the features you want/need. In addition, the external charger keeps your lifeline alive, so if you do not have one, GET ONE. Best advice I ever got especially if you’re in the middle of the woods for like a week, external charger is mandatory.

  1. Nalgene

I LOVE WATER. As should you. It keeps you alive and ticking, so do not forget to drink lots of water when traveling. My Nalgene is my best friend when on the big bad road. It fuels me and keeps me from dying. Ok, exaggeration, but It at least diminishes the parched mouth that would occur without Nalgene, my buddy.

  1. Socks + Pullover

AHHH. Socks! Yes, yes, and yes again. There have been so many times I have been in a plane for over 5+ hours or so and they have it like a freezer in there. I have been so thankful for my socks + pullover. Otherwise, I might disembark the plane with frostbite. Thank you socks!

  1. Essential Oils

I have a collection of oils that are a must have. Lemon, lavender, melaleuca, peppermint, helichrysum, deep blue, on guard, plus a few more. My DoTerra oils have been my saving grace on many moments of my travels and in my day to day life. I love them, I utilize them and I for sure do not travel without them.

  1. Toothbrush + Change of Clothes

I always have this on me especially if I do not have my suitcases in the back of a car. I have been in so many situations where my luggage does not make it to my destination and after traveling for days from buses to planes, I have been so thankful to take a shower and get in fresh clothes while I wait upon the arrival of all my other precious cargo.

  1. Band-Aids + Duct Tape

The fix all. My last hiking trip these items came at such a clutch moment. I developed a killer blister on my heel and badly twisted my ankle, so what did I do? Plopped on a band-aid and wrapped my ankle with duct tape. I was as good as new and it made the rest of my trip much more enjoyable. Have these on hand, you will not regret it.

  1. Passport

I guess this is an obvious one, but to be honest, I have been on my way to the airport and realized I had left my passport and travel documents on my dresser at home. This is a MUST and try not to forget the most important thing, your passport and identification, next time you hop on a plane or travel anywhere in this world.

There you have it!
These are my musts that satisfy my wanderlust soul and make my travels so much more carefree. What are your go to items?
What do you have to pack in your suitcase when traveling?

Would love to hear from you!

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