Easy Home Workouts

We all want easy, which I can not give you.
I can give you simple ideas for your home that will make working out a little more convenient, but the act of getting off the couch and moving is still hard.
So, start today. Create a routine and do it for you.

Your tired? Workout, release the endorphins and create energy!
Lacking confidence? Workout, release more endorphins and boost your confidence!

Eventually through steady routine and healthy living, over time, you will see results. AND what you will notice immediately is a change of attitude. The first couple of days will be hard, but just start. My husband always reminds me that missing a couple of days is not the end of the world. Just get up, set new intentions and start again.

As long as you do not give up on yourself then you will always make progress.
Just keep going and always remember to give yourself some grace.

So, what do I do?
I normally do a quick beachbody workout and end with a shakeology, but sometimes I am on the road and in a place where I do not have that option, so here are my go to options:


Some of you might know this, but there was a short time in my life that I was a CrossFit coach and I loved every minute of it. CrossFit gave me a community I will never forget and taught me some amazing disciplines. Here is a couple of quick circuit workouts you can do anywhere and still break a good sweat.

4 rounds for time                    6 Rounds for time:                                 For Time:
+ 20 jump squats                      + 10 pushups                                          + 100 jumping jacks
+ 15 chair dips                           + 10 squats                                              + 50 air squats
+ 10 situps                                   + 10 situps                                               + 25 burpees

4 Consecutive TABATAS (20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest intervals)
Squat, Push-up, Sit-up, Burpees


Something simple and easy to remember. Do some planks and burpees. Not the greatest, but will definitely bring your heartbeat up. 60 second plank, 5 burpees, 60 second plank, 10 burpees, 60 second plank, 15 burpess… Make sure you set how many rounds you are doing beforehand, so you can continue to challenge yourself when it becomes hard.

  • YOGA

This is my go to especially when on the road. You do not necessarily need a mat, you just need the right intentions. I use this time to do some simple vinyasa flows, practice positions I want to get better at or simply meditate.


Add your precious babe to any circuit workout and you got the perfect weight training element, which is free and some great quality time with your little.
Also, if you have a little extra time and the appropriate outdoor space then go running! Getting fresh air is always the best.

No matter what you do, just keep trying.


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