Must Do’s in Mombasa

If you ever make it to my side of the world, then my hope is that your first stop would be the Nuccio household. Know that our door is always open to you so, just drop all your other plans and make sure that is on the TOP of your list.
It is Wanderlust Wednesday and I want to celebrate the beautiful city I live in with you.

I give you the TOP 10 list of things to do in Mombasa.

1. Beaches and Camels
Mombasa is known for it’s coastal beauty, so of course you have to go visit the beach! Considering Mombasa is technically an island that is connected by bridges and causeways, there are many choices around. You can visit North coast Mombasa, enjoy a bite to eat at a delicious restaurant called Yuls or you can hop on the ferry and head the other direction to South coast. Either way, you will experience white sand beaches and be surrounded by ocean! Just do not forget to take a ride on our funny friends, the camels. Sun + beaches + good food + camel rides = priceless memories | YULS

2. Jahazi
If you enjoy a good cup of coffee and an authentic experience then Jahazi is the place to go. Nestled in the streets of Old Town, you will find that this historic district of Mombasa preserves the Swahili culture and gives you a glimpse of what the old port city used to look like. Take the time to walk through the beautifully carved Swahili doors and enjoy a traditional Swahili meal. You will leave with a full tummy and happy heart. After, you should stop by Fort Jesus and see the coral football field that my husband spends many evenings playing at. |  Jahazi Coffee House

3. Imani Collective
While in Old Town, you have to come visit Imani Collective! We are a community of dreamers + shakers who love fiercely as we passionately pursue a holistic approach to empowerment through skills training, job creation, education, and authentic community. Come visit our artisans, take a workshop tour and best of all, shop the beautiful products they have created, so you can take gifts home to the family. | Imani Collective

4. Forty Thieves
If you make it to South coast Mombasa, stop by this fun place. You can grab breakfast, lunch, dinner or just drop in for a quick drink. It is right on the beach, has a beautiful view and the atmosphere is one of a kind. | Forty Thieves

5. Moi Avenue Tusks
This is something that is best done by foot or riding on a tuk tuk. There is not much to the tusks, but really capturing a picture and visiting the park nearby, but it is a must do! These tusks are a city icon and were built in 1956 to commemorate Princess Margarets visit to Mombasa.

6. Damascus Shawarma
Street food anyone? This is my husband and I’s go to when I am getting a little lazy and do not feel like cooking. It is also just delicious and we pretty much crave them everyday. You can find these chicken shawarma available beginning early evening. Grab a friend, a cold coke and go by the Damascus food cart and enjoy! And so your not disappointed later… go ahead and buy yourself 2, you will not regret it!

7. Haller Park and Butterfly Pavilion
My little boy loves both of these places. Haller Park is similar to what you might consider a zoo, but more natural settings. You can come during feeding times and feed giraffes, visit the hippos and say hello to the Mr. Tortoise who is like hundreds of years old.
Close by to Haller Park is Butterfly Pavilion, which is a beautiful place to come to with your family. You can have a picnic, walk the nature trails or even rent some bikes for the day. Go get lost exploring!


8. Wasini Island
This island is about 2 hours outside of Mombasa. Once you cross the Likoni ferry, you will enjoy a nice drive until you get to the small town of Shimoni. You then will hop on a boat and cross over to Wasini Island. Before arriving at the island, you will have the opportunity to snorkel in the beautiful blue water around the Shimoni reef and see some pretty amazing fishies! Then, you will continue your journey to Wasini and enjoy some amazing fish and lobster for lunch as well as visit a coral garden! If you have the time, I would definitely make the trip to Wasini.

9. Singh Restuarant
This is by far one of my favorite restaurants in Mombasa. If you are looking for some authentic Indian food then this is the place to come. Enough said. Go to Singh!
I am serious, go get there food.

10. Safari
If you are traveling across the world to Kenya then you are pretty much obligated to go on a safari! Get out, go see the animals and be amazed by God’s amazing creation around you. The closest park to Mombasa is about 3 hours north in the city of Voi called Tsavo East National Park. Go visit! One of my favorite hotels is Voi Wildlife Lodge. They have a pretty amazing watering hole, which means, many times you are greeted by elephants, giraffes and a variety of animals during mealtimes.
If you have a little bit more time then I would encourage you to save the money and travel up north to visit Masai Mara.


What are you waiting for?
Mombasa is calling your name! 

I am also happily waiting on the other side to greet you. See you soon!

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