Reducing Stress through Healthy Living

It has been one of those seasons in my life that have been full of excuses for putting the healthy on the sidelines. To be honest, I do not struggle with cravings and oddly enough, after becoming pregnant and having Jadon, I lost my sweet tooth completely. I really just crave dark chocolate every now and then, but what good woman doesn’t?!

Lately my excuses have been with my workout routine. “I do not have time. I am tired. I just want a nap. Gosh I am tired.” Most of my excuses are around being exhausted, but in fact if I produced a little bit of sweat, I would feel so much better! I have found that in my non routine life, I crave some sort of routine, and if anything, getting sweaty is not the thing I should be throwing out the window first. Here is why:

  • Releases those beautiful endorphins and reduces overall stress. 

Working out has always been my release. I love the runners high, the challenge of reaching a new record and just feeling stronger. I always feel so much better after I break a sweat and have “me” time in the process. After a long day, it almost seems impossible, but I know every time I will be so satisfied I pushed through the excuses and got it done.

  • Boosts Happiness, energy and self-confidence

Who doesn’t like being happy? Whether I am doing a quick circuit, a vinyasa flow or a long run, after them all, I feel great! I am ready to be productive in the day ahead, positive to the people around me and I just feel good about myself and what I can give to the world.

  • Enhances better sleep

All I have to say to this is. YES. I love a good sleep. After Jadon, I am lacking some sleep because he loves to wake up at the crack of dawn, so whatever hours I get in the night, I want them to the BEST hours of my life.

  • Increases Strength and flexibility

#strongmama | I love being able to pick up my quickly growing boy without throwing out my back or being able to touch my toes just because I can. I love being a strong mama and representing a healthy lifestyle to my boy.

  • Formulates routine and goals to be met

The best part about working out is that it helps with routine and allows discipline to occur so goals can be reached. Starting my day with a run or ending my day with bedtime yoga allows my brain to settle into a new normal. It takes about 30 days to create a routine and only 1-3 days to break something so concrete you might have established.

So, when you hit that season like the one I am in, remember to fight against your excuses and know that 15 minutes is better than no minutes.

Here’s to creating new routines, tearing down the walls of my excuses and reminding myself that I am worth so much more.

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2 thoughts on “Reducing Stress through Healthy Living

  1. Jenny This is a good reminder to those of us who have justified excuses and getting so tired and lazy each day. Almost not able to run errands.

    1. I completely understand the excuses especially when you already feel exhausted. Just keep telling yourself that you can do it and all in all have grace on yourself if it does not happen until tomorrow.

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