Beauty of Hearing Mama

On a typical day, I run around my house wondering what’s the next mess my Jadon is making and then I turn the corner and see his precious smile running towards me full force, normally with an apple or ball in hand, sweetly shouting, “MAMA, MAMA, BALL, MAMA, AMBFIAJBFKABRIJEBRKAMDNAJWN”

My son jabbers a lot, much of what I can not make out yet, but what I can hear clearly is his sweet voice saying my name, “mama”.

Having your baby is one thing; that moment is unforgettable, but hearing those words for the first time makes your heart flutter.

I find it interesting that the literal definition of motherhood is the state or experience of having or raising a child. It’s such a clear definition, but vague in so many other ways because as mothers, we know, it is so much more than raising a child. Becoming a mother changes your identity, completely. Before Jadon, I was simply Mrs. Nuccio, my husbands wife. Then before Sean, it was just me and I was known as a daughter, friend and sister. When you become a mother it adds a layer to your identity.

It is the feelings and raw emotion that comes from being a mother that the literal definition can not put into words. All of sudden your precious babe comes into the world and you are responsible for keeping this little human alive, your little human.

The first time Jadon and I looked at each other, that moment. How can you even put that into words? You simply can not do it. Those little moments make up the emotions of being a mother. You learn how to love deeper, sacrifice greater, and ultimately give the best version of yourself daily.

Hearing mama from a sweet little voice looking up to you is a reminder that even on your worst days, there is someone who needs you. Someone who loves you. Someone who looks up to you because they want to be just like you and someone who really thinks your super mom!

When I hear mama, I soak it in and try my best to be fully in the moment with my little boy because I know there will come a day when ‘mama’ is few and far between.


I have heard that the moment a child is born, so is the mother. She never existed before. The women was of existence, but the mother is something absolutely new.

Thank you Jadon for completely changing my identity, making me new and giving me the privilege to be your mama. I love you my super cool boy.

God could not be everywhere, so therefore he made Mothers. – Jewish Proverb




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