Living Healthy in the Midst of Chaos

The hardest part of my life is that it is inconsistent and ever changing. I am constantly trying to create some type of routine in my non routine life. You would think that because I get to create my own schedule it would be easy to fit my priorities in on a daily basis, but for those of you who have the leisure of flexibility then you know that this is easier said then done. On the other end of the spectrum, for the rest of you who have routine living then you also know the dilemma of fitting in priorities. No matter if you have a routine or not, we seem to make excuses for the important in our lives.

Time is time. We all have the same amount of it in a day and it goes quickly.
I find that even though I get to set my schedule, there is still so many unknowns. Everyday I am pulled in many directions with work, family time, making sure my boys get dinner and also, that I do not get too close to the edge of being hangry. (real thing, another topic for another time)

In all the chaos, not making time for the priorities in life is detrimental to our mental, spiritual and physical health. Over the years I have learned that even if my weeks continue to look different, as long as I keep trying then there will always be progress.

There are two voices that reside within us. One that will constantly tell us we are attempting the impossible and the other one that is uplifting, encouraging and full of solutions. I have learned to always listen to the voice that is screaming from within,


I try not to plan so much of my life that I can’t live in the moment of time, but I do make the time each week to plan my goals for the week. This can take as little as 10-minutes or can go up to an hour. It is a time that I use to focus on myself, vision for the week ahead and listen to the inner voice telling me, “Jen, you got this!”.

I start with asking myself the following questions:

  1. What are the top three goals I want to accomplish? (Family time, quiet time, meal planning, work outs, etc)
  2. What are the top three tasks that need to be done? (This normally has to do with work or family obligations)
  3. What is something I avoided this past week that needs to be completed?
  4. What is one thing I can do to remind someone they are worthy and cared for? (This can be something small for your coworkers, family, friends, etc. This can be as simple as leaving a post it note for someone saying, “Keep up the great work!”)
  5. What are things I can do right now to make my week less stressful? (put reminders in calendar, meal plan, grocery shop, laundry, etc.)
  6. How am I growing closer to Jesus this week?
  7. What are ways I can serve and love my husband this week?
  8. What were distractions of last week that I can eliminate or monitor better for this next week? (social media, tv, even parts of work are examples of distractions)
  9. When will be “me” time and what will I do for myself this week? (This can be as simple as giving yourself one hour of the week to indulge in your favorite book, or go for a run, or do anything that is life giving to you)
  10. What am I most grateful for?

I am really good at making excuses, so these questions help me start my week focused. One thing that I am currently struggling with due to my transient schedule is a regular work out routine, but I continue to remind myself that 15-minutes is better than no minutes.

So, here we are, Fridays are focused on fitness and healthy living.
Some weeks I might just share with you about my cool circuit routine or how I finally conquered balancing a yoga handstand (still have a while for this.) while other weeks I will be talking more about mental health and the importance of taking rest days. Our focus for Friday is all encompassing from physical, mental and spiritual health.

Lets address it, chat about it and find a healthy balance together.


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