The life of a Wanderlust Soul

Wednesday are dedicated to Wanderlust. What does this mean?

Well, wan•der•lust (noun), a strong desire to travel.

My love for travel started later in life. Most of my childhood, we stayed close to home and at that time of my life, I saw nothing wrong with it. I had an amazing childhood, filled with adventure just in my sweet home state, Texas.

Then I turned 18 and everything changed. There was a bone in my body that sought adventure. I wanted to know what was out there. I had questions and I always wanted answers. I not only craved to explore the rest of my own country, but I wanted to see the world. So, what did I do?

I went BIG (thats the Texas girl in me… go big or go home) and I hopped on a plane to Kenya. That trip not only changed the course of my life, but it made the wanderlust that was buried so deep inside me come alive.

Over the years, I have backpacked the Salkantay to Machu Picchu, climbed volcanos in Costa Rica, hiked mountains in Alaska, snorkeled in the Indian Ocean, walked the streets of Manhattan, floated the dead sea in Israel, enjoyed the taste of salty shark in Trinidad, loved on kids in Haiti, rafted the Nile River in Uganda, met the love of my life (my husband) on the trails of Mt. Kenya and put my wanderlust to the test.

Wanderlust is loving the adventure even when its hard, being present in the moment and getting lost. My favorite part of traveling to a new part of the world is fully immersing myself; soaking up the culture and breathing in the aromas around me. Stumbling over the language and laughing with the locals. Getting lost within the alleyways that make up their streets just so I can find the best hole in the wall place to eat at. I love the freedom of not knowing whats next as I marinate in the moments of the temporary.

A wanderlust soul is never satisfied. It is always thirsty for the next memory to be made in a foreign land, and as this soul grows older and adds moments to its adventure book, its heart is left in many places, making “home” hard to categorize. We may have a roof we lay our head under, but our home is arbitrary.

And what I do know about all my wanderlust soul people is that we are grateful. We see the best in about everything and are optimistic in most situations. When something might be annoying to others, we completely embrace the culture around us and see this annoyance as beautiful. Our souls tend to never be picky and we gravitate towards authenticity.

We love. We care. We listen.

Welcome to my wanderlust Wednesdays where you will get a glimpse into my soul of my adventures of living abroad.

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