First Time Parenting : The Surprises, The Beautiful and My Transition to Motherhood

Welcome to my first Monday dedicated to Motherhood. #motherhoodmondays

You will probably regularly begin to read stories about my family. I have an amazing, genuine, and good looking husband that I am beyond blessed to have the title of his wife, Mrs. Nuccio. Then, of course, you will hear a lot about my sweet Jadon.

Jadon was born April 19, 2016 and decided to be 10 days late to his own party. He was born wide-eyed, staring right into my eyes. I remember the moment as if it was yesterday and do not think those couple of minutes will ever fade from my memory. The moment he looked into my eyes it was as if he said hello straight to my soul. The bond between a child and mother is hard to explain unless well, your a mama, then you know EXACTLY what I am talking about. Your body changes as they grow and you endure 9 months (lets be real, 10 months) of constant change, sickness, kicks and hiccups from within, so when the day arrives it feels as if you have already spent an eternity with your little human.

Mondays are dedicated to celebrating Motherhood.
Its not always pretty, but its beautiful amongst the chaos.

The Surprises:
1. Realizing that in the first 6 months of life you basically feel like, well… a cow.
I mean the bonding between you and your little when you are breastfeeding is wonderful and to be honest, you feel empowered knowing YOU are the source for their survival in this little moment of time, but at the end of the day: Your a food source. Your milk. They eat, sleep and spit up. Thats the reality, but oddly we love it and miss it when it is gone.

2. Sleep is nonexistent. We all hear it before the baby is born, “Say goodbye to sleep!”
In fact, we sometimes find that one statement quite annoying by the time we are nearing the due date, but even after people repeatedly tell us, we seem surprised how tired we are in the first months of our little humans life. Stop being surprised. Its for real. You are a modern day zombie and sleep… well it will eventually find you again.

3. My body. No one talks to you about postpartum and I will definitely save this for another Monday, but give yourself grace. LOTS OF IT. You just made a baby for almost a year! Your body did so much hard work and then you labored for hours to meet your child. After baby… eeeeek. Its not that nice, or pretty and quite messy, but remember to lean on your spouse, close friends and family. Surround yourself with people who love you and will build you up and again remember, be gracious to yourself. Everything takes time. It took time for you to go through each week of pregnancy, it will take time for you to get back to “feeling you” again.

The Beautiful
1. The many hours you spend staring at your baby sleeping, or cracking his first smile, or laughing or rolling over and the list can go on. Seeing your baby grow everyday is beautiful. Hearing him say mama for the first time and feeling your heart flutter and melt into a million pieces is beautiful. Those moments never return, so I continue to learn how to embrace these moments in time and see the beauty in just “wasting time” with my baby boy.

2. Embracing the messes. I am slightly OCD when it comes to messes, but having a child changes everything especially when they transition to real food and lets not even talk about when he started walking. BUT, the beauty in the mess. I have grown to learn that having blocks all over the floor and mac n cheese on the wall (for just a moment) is nothing to get anxious about. These are little things in the big picture of it all and by allowing mess in my home, well it shows their is life. We are living, laughing and growing together. So, if you ever make it to Kenya, know my door is always open, but just remember to ignore the mess, step over the blocks and embrace the beauty of the blissful chaos I live in.

3. Two becoming three. When I married my husband, I vowed to love him and be his co-adventurer in life. When we decided we wanted to grow our family, it was not as easy as it seems. It took us 8 months to conceive Jadon. Another topic many people do not talk about. (Again, another day!) When I found out I was pregnant, we actually did not believe it was true and surely thought we got the rare false positive. It was not until I received a blood test that we celebrated and jumped for joy that our family was growing. It is a chapter that closes, knowing that you will never just be two, but it is another page that turns that is filled with excitement and beauty. #nuccionewlyweds | #adventuresofjadon

Jadon is 15 months old as of Wendesday and he is such a fun little boy. His smile is contagious, he steals your heart immediately when he looks at you and he does not know a stranger. He loves adventure and has traveled to more places in his first year of life then most do in a lifetime and best of all, he is mine. I am proud to be his mama.

Although my moments of “quiet” have become almost nonexistent, I would not have it any other way.

Welcome to Motherhood Mondays where we talk about the truth behind being a mother and we remind ourselves that we are only stronger together.


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