The lens we share.


It is happening!

Many of you asked for exactly this. A glimpse into my life.
After many hesitations, restless nights and a little bit of fear of welcoming you completely “in” to my day to day…
I have taken the big leap and decided that now is the time to open my doors to you, completely. I am ready to be vulnerable, share stories, seek simplicity together and ultimately, share this life with you. I have blogged in the past with little direction or motivation, but recently my desire to build deeper connections has resonated within my heart.

We lead different lives because we are all individually made unique. We each bring something special to the table and most of us seek to find our niche in this world, but although we strive to be exclusive, we also constantly crave community.

We are meant to be  t o g e t h e r.

This is a shared space where we get to explore the world through the lens of motherhood, wanderlust and healthy living.

My hope is to inspire through authenticity,
motivate through simplicity &
encourage through shared stories.

My door is always open to you.
Welcome to my blissful chaos.


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